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This group has been dead for a while so I thought I would pick activity back up. What are people's plans for their RV this coming Summer? I have been looking at working at Signal Mountain and Glacier Park this Summer and staying in my RV.

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I'm hoping to buy an RV this spring/summer, and hope to transition into camp ground hosting, at least try it, any tips would be much appreciated.

What kind of RV are you looking to buy?

I have a geo, so basically, I think a class A or C would be best, mostly it will be parked on location, not driven much. I know gas is going to shock me, but I need a "home".

I've never even driven one, though. I've driven a van pulling a trailer, but sense I'm have so much trouble backing them up, I figured a unit would be better.

any tips would really help

I have driven Class A motorhomes and they are not as hard to drive as you might think. Just remember to pay attention, it takes a longer distance for them to stop and when turning you need to swing wider than you would with a car.

I've heard people say class A are better cause they're diesel and are stronger cause they're built like trucks, I guess I want as much space as possible without it getting out of control...

so, bottom line, drive a few before making up my mind? It blows me away that I'd be allowed to even take one of those monsters out on the road with a regular licence!

Yes, I would test drive a few to make sure your comfortable with it. I will warn you not to let the RV salesman pressure you into buying something you don't want. My first time looking at an RV I had hardly shut the RV off before the salesman said "lets go inside and talk a deal."

what do you think about buying something off craigslist?

would you trust the owner or take it to a shop first before plopping down cash?

I wouldn't put any cash down before looking at it. If you have a friend who is a mechanic I would bring them along to look at it so your not buying a RV about to die.

Thanks, Coly, I book marked the link you sent me, looks like a great site

Great to see this group. I have been RVing since 2006 but went full-time in 2011 after selling my house. Been seasonal work since 2008 and love each location I have been too.
Going to Glacier NP this season and it seems Xanterra has purchased one of the campgrounds for employees. Looks OK online just hope water & electric are good. Hate low voltage (MtRainier worst).
Look forward to hearing more from other RV'ers.


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