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I was wondering what kind of an RV everyone has? I have a 1994 Rexhall Aerbus 3300.

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Thanks Patty

my home doesn't even have a hitch, checking on cost factor to flat tow, the dealer said, $4,200

for that I could pay my kids to drive it in!

Wow...I'm waiting to hear the cost of the dolly. It only cost me $600 to ship 2 cars to Florida a few years ago. Keep checking!

Thanks for replying. I love my motorhome. I'm thinking about a bike or scooter, leave the car here. Where I'm going, there are shuttles to and from work, to and from town. ]

My dealer said it would be 3,600 for the complete dolly set up, but warned it was such a pain, I'd hate it. Plus then you have to lock up the dolly somewhere.

this is a very small problem, though, compared to sharing a room with a stranger on location. :)


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