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We have started a group to support each other during this hard time in the off season. We are veterans that live breath and eat the seasonal lifestyle and newbies that have caught the bug and cant wait for there first season. We dominate the chat talking about past experiences and dreaming about the adventures yet to come. We have found a lifestyle like know other where we can travel and live in so many awesome place that people spend thousands just to enjoy for days. Every moment is an adventure, ever new job a new frontier to explore. We are not wealthy, none of us own a nice large home, but we live every day an awesome experience that some work there whole lives to retire to. We are the front desk agents at the north rim, the servers at Old Faithfull or the housekeeper in denali. Our God and creator is coolworks we owe our lives to the wonderful CW'S staff. Without this site we would be another nomad not knowing where to go for the next job. We give each other job leads and offer information on work conditions all over. We come here to share our tales and hear the adventures of others. We make lasting friendships with those we may have never known otherwise. We work hard and we play hard!! WE ARE LIVING THE DREAM~ We are addicted to seasonal work and proud of it.

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Amen!!! I'm with ya brother!
I second that.
The above statement is so true. Once I saw the scope of what I can do and where I can go I was so excited. It was hard to pick which way to go first. Here at Mt. Rushmore in the gift shop I have at least two - three guest per day who ask, how can I do this. I write on the bag Start there and let your mind do the rest. Don't retire and go home to die. Get a seasonal job and have fun. Because it is fun along with the work. Some times fun at the guest expense. Like recently when a guest ask during a rain spell, How long will it rain? Duh, right up until it stops.
LOL to funny Sue. Love your story. I have been there when I was a kid. I love that place. I'm thinking about getting back on the road again...LOL As long as I have a cellphone an laptop and aircard I can almost lign up anything. Thanks for the encouragement. I just need to get a little better before I can go out there again...Go in peace....Larry
Hello. I love this writing. I was a di hard seasonal addict. I've worked up on Mackinac Island, Michigan, the Grand Hotel, the Villiage Inn, and finally Mission Point Resort. I've been to Yosemite National Park, The Grand Canyon, Kings Canyon. When I get better again, I want to hit the road again. How do you people line up your next jobs? Do you do it thru phone interviews, and the internet? Would love to hear from many of you. Oh I have worked in some ski resorts like Lake Tahoe, and some of the Casiono's there in Taoe. This time I want to work in Amsument Parks, like the Disney Company and Ceder Point. Please write when you can. Going to post some pictures...Larry
I am just trying to get back into the seasonal work lifestyle. Any suggestions on where to look? I've applied in California, Idaho, and Montana/Wyoming and even up in Michigan, but no good news yet. I am really trying to get set up by, at the latest, mid September. Thanks for any direction you can send me that will lead me to a job at a resort!
Glad to be part of a group. My husband and I have been traveling since 2004. We are fulltimers and have an RV and love it. Unfortuneately, we unexpectedly were laid-off in midsts of lies from the management that they were keeping us throughout the winter and not to look for work. This shock has pushed us to seek employment opportunties immediately but to no avail thus far. IT's been two weeks and we must leave where we are since losing our jobs! We are looking for California or Oregon since we are in northern Cali right now.
try u have to pay 30.00 i believe but there are alot of jobs
also another pay site is
That's a great idea. We're actually on Workamper, and it's just a little bit more than $30. We just got a solid offer to move to Arizona. Hate to go backward, but it will my husband and me a chance to save up some money to get a better RV and move onward and upward.
Why pay when you can go through They are, simply put, the best.... Try Ski resorts and Florida, etc. Also Craigslist is an excellent source of jobs.
Amen, I just don't share How I got to working in the park. tee hee That's for me to know and God to show them
I am former parkie,94-06
now almost a chef - stuck in Phoenix -blind ambitions
seeking old friends
2005 Wahweap Page,AZ Employee Services - Where are all my kids
2000 North Rim - trail monkey, dreamer,camp flower child - I miss you


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