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We have started a group to support each other during this hard time in the off season. We are veterans that live breath and eat the seasonal lifestyle and newbies that have caught the bug and cant wait for there first season. We dominate the chat talking about past experiences and dreaming about the adventures yet to come. We have found a lifestyle like know other where we can travel and live in so many awesome place that people spend thousands just to enjoy for days. Every moment is an adventure, ever new job a new frontier to explore. We are not wealthy, none of us own a nice large home, but we live every day an awesome experience that some work there whole lives to retire to. We are the front desk agents at the north rim, the servers at Old Faithfull or the housekeeper in denali. Our God and creator is coolworks we owe our lives to the wonderful CW'S staff. Without this site we would be another nomad not knowing where to go for the next job. We give each other job leads and offer information on work conditions all over. We come here to share our tales and hear the adventures of others. We make lasting friendships with those we may have never known otherwise. We work hard and we play hard!! WE ARE LIVING THE DREAM~ We are addicted to seasonal work and proud of it.

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Gosh dude awesome post I'm even more exited about staring my first season this May!

Dominic: Just joined Seasonal Addicts and your intro is so true. My God and Creator is God! let no man stand before the Creator. The Coolworks staff  is great and have an Awesome website. I have been a member of Workamper News on an off since 1988. I have doing work camping since 1994 and have experienced some of the best opportunities of my lifetime which people pay for we get free.

I have three seasonal jobs now which fulfill 10 of the 12 mos. of the year. With Coolworks and other work camping websites it allows us to choose how, when and where we work and play. Hope coolworks keeps growing and continues to allow people from all ages, gender and nationalities to participate and enjoy. Ed

I just landed my first job through Coolworks and LOVE this site!  I wish I had known about seasonal employment years ago but am so glad I found it.  I retired early from my REAL job 9 years ago and have been floundering since.  I just knew there was something for me out there that was different -- sitting in an office working on a computer was killing my brain.  I'm thrilled to know there are others like me!  I just want to see and experience all the National Parks I can, all the resorts, different areas of the country, and get paid while I do it.  It is just awesome and I'll keep going until I can't make it any more.  Thanks Coolworks for being there for me!

My dream job has come true. I will be a dishwasher at the Grand Hotel April thru October 31st. I can't wait!


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