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hey all , finally getting out of the rat race,  going on first real seasonal job . i have always never been one to stay in one place to long. so it's finally stop trying to fool myself and go all the way make it my real lifestyle that suits me. i love the great outdoors and wildlife . so going to do what i feel in my heart, not the have to anymore.. but to the question what's my best bet on looking for that next gig, where are the winter jobs, and best time to start looking and applying? i am really excited and anxious to get out to the north rim.. thanks all

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Hi Janice, I'm glad you asked this question cause I am wondering about working the South rim of the Grand Canyon this winter. I know the North rim closes for winter. If anyone has information at all, please, it would be appreciated....
I want to spend time hiking the canyon, so its fine if the hours are shorter.
When to start applying, what to expect weather wise, etc.
hope we get some good info. i haven't even started this season and excited bout getting to the next..can't wait to start taking in all that the north rim has to offer it will probably take my breath. hope to work in yellowstone some day . do they have a winter season?
yes, yellowstone has a winter season, but from what I saw, its reserved for full timers , like managers...I had a position secured, but it would have only paid 7.50, for about 20-24 hours a week, barely enough to pay room and board, and I had family obligations, so ended up turning it down
.....kinda wished I had somehow managed to pull it off..
I'm thinking grand canyon south rim will be warmer, and not snow bound, a better plan, I hope.
thanks carol, good luck in your adventures.. i just like to get some idea so i don't wait to long..just excited bout going to the rim. i'll be in housekeeping, good to get something under my belt..
The Grand Canyon is cold during the winter. In Arizona elevation matters almost more than north-south. There is a ski resort just outside Flagstaff, and they have had more than 120" of snow this season! Expect most of the winter season to be below freezing...but more than negative numbers.
Winter season vary depending on where you go. There are some ranches in Arizona (Wickenburg/Tucson/Patagonia) that wil begin late Sept or early Oct. and they hire around May/June. There are some resorts in Florida and ski resorts that open in Nov....look for them to be hiring June/July. Other ski resorts and year-rounds, maybe a bit later like July/Aug.

In many larger summer places there will be job fairs rolling through too.
hey thanks keith, i'm looking to go south mabe campgrounds, yea really don't want to be working in any place with snow and freezing. i'm in maryland right now, we had the worst winter in a long time. 2 blizzards in one week.. i hate the snow right now, so needless to say warm weather winter would be great. and thanks again..
As long as your prepared not to earn much money as far as campgrounds. The deal is you usually work there for a free spot. Very little if any money changes hands.
Thanks Keith for your replys.
Heres my deal with South Rim Grand Canyon: I know its cold, and have spent two nights at Phantom Ranch in hiking in the Grand Canyon works year round.
I want to avoid driving to work in the snow and ice, but walking to work would be fine. Summer would be too hot to really experience the Canyon, and for me, its about the experience, cause as far as making money, I realize its not really lucrative compared to being stable in one location.
I turned down a good job with good benifits to explore life and meet cool people around the world.
I really appreciate your imput because you have alot of experience with this lifestyle .
Don't know much, but it appears to be all about the timing. For a non ski resort I'd start applying about mid July. From last year's experience I'd say if you have a summer position that goes beyond the 1st of October then you would be best to stick within the company you're working for, as many will want you to start before your contract with the existing job ends. For Janice this would pretty much limit you to Big Bend Resort in TX (no snow but very remote), about 20 of the NR staff were going on to Big Bend. Still, make sure you apply by early-mid August. They have a much smaller staff, and plenty of NR employees to choose from. Carol, no idea where you're heading this summer, but know you have the Xanterra experience so South Rim would possibly be an option if you got there early enough. I was in SR orientation on Oct 9th and most of the other new staff were relocatees from Yellowstone.

Last season at NR there were several people that had been turned down at different resorts because the new job wanted them before their contract was over. Only Big Bend and a couple of small hotels were willing to wait for the contract end date, but those jobs are very rare, only a couple to each property. Of the 3 people that I know that moved from NR to SR, two broke their contracts at NR to start the SR job mid September. Only one of these was a standard resort type position in Housekeeping, and to my knowledge was the last housekeeping position they posted all winter (I was looking regularly for another couple friends). This person worked 6 days a week up until the first week of November then 1 or 2 days a week for the remainder of the winter. It is just picking up again now.

The majority that decided to stay in their contract ultimately ended up either without jobs this winter, or working ski resorts. If you don't mind that then it's probably OK to wait til late August/September when they start their hiring.
Thanks Janette, how long did you stay at South Rim, and did you like it? I am working at my old job in a hospital PRN (as needed), no benifits, but reasonable money. Boring, though.
I think this summer will be traveling around during slow periods, so, no contracts that would stand in the way. Just got to be sure about what I want to do this winter. Another option for this upcoming winter is to hang out in Hawaii with a friend for several months....not a terrible option to contemplate, is it? Not sure if I'd get a part time job while there.

I liked Xanterra as far as a company goes, and would encourage people to check them out with an open mind.
Hi Carol. I was only there for a couple months mid Oct - mid Dec. Was enjoying it and would have stayed except for the necessity to return to FL to get the house ready to sell and the legal stuff from Mark's death dealt with. The house is almost done and I'll head to the UK shortly to see the folks. Not sure what I'll do this summer, but if I do decide to work will return to SR.

Maybe see you there?


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