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Any ski resort cooks out there?  Can anyone recommend footwear suitable for the kitchen as well as shoveling snow off the steps of the lodge?  Danskos and Crocs aren't going to cut it outside in the snow. :)  Would love to find a sturdy, 6" duty-style boot, or chukka boot, that isn't too cumbersome, should be slip-resistant, oil-resistant ideally...

really can't constantly be changing in and out of shoes throughout the day.

Can't have too heavy a lug sole, either, since I drive a stick shift and too wide a sole catches my brake pedal when I'm trying to hit the clutch pedal.

anyone have the same issue that has come up with a solution?



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good question I would like to know too !

Not sure exactly.  The ski resorts I have worked are big enough that cooks don't shovel the snow.  And I have always had shoes that are specifically for use in the kitchen.

But I tend to like Shoes For Crews offerings.  Good construction, slip-resistant, reasonable cost, many styles to choose from:  Shoes For Crews Men's Work Boots


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