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New Hire here! Server looking for some insight from other serers past or present!

First time for me to be taking off for job like this.  Arizona being a right to work state the hourly isn't even min like it is at least here in Montana.  I'm curious of how people feel about their serving jobs here and if they feel like they make good enough money? 

I'm nervous and excited all at once...hoping I've made the right choice in packing all my stuff in storage and diving in head first into this. 

Also I would be interesting in just making a few contacts before I arrive.

Look forward to hearing from Someone soon!!


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Hi Shannon,

do you know where you'll be working yet? when do you start?

arrive Jan 28th and they said they would tell me which restaurant when I arrive...this is part of what scares me....

first of all hai joreen! miss youbaby girl. anyway shannon i guess you arrived in the canyon and got an assignment to a location where did you end up?

Ended up at bright angel the money is really good but I get off at 10:30-11 every night and everything is closed its been really hard to make friends I will stay till sept but am already truing to fifure where I will go next hoping death valley or where ever will be warm through winter I'm soooo done with cold weather!


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