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Does anyone know if you can get cellular phone service in Gardiner? If not, what are the options? I'm guessing my onstar phone is one and email another...any other options?

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verizon is awesome there. 

Gardiner has pretty decent cellular service for both technologies, so you shouldn't have a problem at all if you're using none of the major carriers.

I found it to work very well.  I have t-mobile I worked in Mammoth, and would have to drive down to Gardiner to get my messages...It's better than alot of the spots between Gardiner and Bozeman

I have AT&T and last time we visited my husband had T-Mobile. 

We stayed at Mammoth and I recall neither of us had service at the hotel. We started a bike ride up the old entrance road and about half-way up the hill, texts started coming in on my phone. It was spotty, but there. The service was coming from Gardiner. In Gardiner proper we both had service.

I went and got a tracfone at Wal Mart soon after getting to YNP.  that way, if someone really needed me, they could either text (30 sec) or quick call me and I could get back to them later on the Tmobile down in Gardiner.  since I had a car, I went down to the Hot springs daily, and would then just go down to Gardiner as well.  I only had to go right down near the park entrance and I would get service.  That's cool that someone could walk up the old road and get service.  You can see a cel tower from the EDR, up on the hill.  I guess it just doesn't link up to t-mobile....


The tower at Mammoth is owned by Verizon, so only phones using the CDMA technology work well in that area.  T-Mobile uses the same technology AT&T does (GSM, T-Mobile roams on AT&T's network in many places)), so you have a really hard time getting a good cell signal in the Mammoth area. If you walk/drive up the old Gardiner Road, you'll usually be able to get signal from one of the towers in the Gardiner area.

If you are still choosing, choose Verizon-best access all over the Park----still no access in a few places tho

I have AT&T. I have had it for more than 10 yrs. I hope that is not a problem.



There is a guy in the Facebook 2013 YNP group that has AT&T and works in Mammoth now. His AT&T phone works there (O talk to him from time to time) and it works in his summer location at the Lake....




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