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Just wondering what to expect on check in day and how long the process takes.

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depends on how many people shows up that day could last anywhere from an hr to 2hrs then you have

orientation that will last about couple of hrs you eat at mammonth then you go to your location

Thank you. I have been worried about small misdemeanor stuff, nothing violent or anything like that, will that cause me any problems on check in? Thank you for your help,Reggie.



As long as you are honest about your past, you have nothing to worry about ok? You will have an excellent summer and meet wonderful coworkers from Cool Works and others who don't use Cool Works. You will also meet amazing guests from around the world. Don't lose any sleep because you are good to go Ashton. Have a good weekend and an even better summer!



Thanks Leo, yea I just got worried about it, I moved back to Ms for a little bit and the redneck cops here take you to jail for anything even if you did nothing wrong. You too man, have a great weekend!! Thanks for easing my mind!

Ashton, don't stress over it.  there was a Cook that had been to prison, meth related stuff, and they hired him.....unfortunately he was smoking pot in his dorm room, and sent packing............

Thank you, yea I was stressing too much. I hate that I moved back to Ms, but hadn't seen my family for a while. This is a dream job for me, if I can cook, live in a beautiful place and skydive during the off season that's a dream come true!!!! Will you be working the lake again??

I ne er worked at Lake.  Mammoth and OF.  I just love the park and spent alot of time checking out the other properties. i also read the boards and talk to others who've worked in other locations, so that's where I get my info.  Not this summer, but maybe in the late summer, into fall to close down.  You might look into that as well, if they ask you to extend your contract.  Mammoth and OF close last.  But then you might be ready to go home.......

I doubt it, I usually on come back to Ms every 4 or 5 years, I've been looking for a way to travel without signing leases and moving everything, I plan on doing seasonal work for the next 5 yrs or so now that I have found all of this, I'm finally single again and no kids and am ready to live it up for a while!! I have spent too much time making everyone else's restaurants succeed, time to live a little again!! I'm so happy to meet people like you and find coolworks!! Thanks again for all the help!!
Will you be taking the bus from bozeman? You will check into Gardiner ..fill out paper work take picture for id card. It took about an hour and a half. From there you go to mammoth for an information meeting about
Animals. Living in the park etc. Then you will go on to your location and check in with location human resources. They will assign your room and some more paperwork. From there you will go to the dorms and get your keys and get to move in. I know the bus last year they didn't get there till late afternoon cause of forgetting some people.
Taking the bus from Bozeman. Flying in a day before check in.

i hope that wont be the case this year  how many people show up last year

hey reggie,r ya about ready?imma be so lazy in a hotel.i canceled 1 day and i got 1 day cause i didn't wanna leave for work to early,seeing ur family b4 u make ur jounal is good i guess.


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