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I'm a little disappointed that nobody talks more about the disc golf courses in the park. Having worked in the park before, there are times when you need something to do for a couple of hours ( yes you can get bored sometimes, even in Wonderland ) Disc golf is fun, and a great excuse to go for a walk !!! I'll be at Canyon this summer, please contact me if you want to play, or want to learn how to play the game !!! ( BTW, there are no real baskets in most of the courses, so I hear, only targets )

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What is this disc golf lol? I have never heard of it but always up for learning something new.

It's a game played like regular golf only with throwing discs ( think whamo frisbees ) normally there are baskets made of metal and chains to shoot for, but in the park these unofficial courses use stumps, rocks, telephone poles, etc .... as targets. A normal course is made of 18 targets, and a player tries to play the course in as few throws as possible. I'd be glad to teach ya Melissa !!!

I can throw a Frisbee! COOL! I'm in!

That's on my hit list this summer and we're also looking forward to table tennis.

Table Tennis with the Internationals.

Well, that's a foursome already, if Brenda will play with us trouble makers, lol !!!

The Best Video about disk golf....

YIKES! I can't throw a frisbee THAT far lol!

Or that straight!

Good stuff, thanks Bob. BTW, these guys make it look easy !!!

Nice clip Bob!  The guy in the video, Michael Johansen (AKA The Dirty Hippy) is one of the best.  

Hey Kirk.  I love disc golf.  Started playing about 5 years ago and recently got more serious about it.  I plan to play all the time.  Ill be in Grant.  Supposedly Lake has the "best", or most established.  I think it has a basket or two.  Luckily for us at Grant, I have a portable basket.  I understand all of the villages have a course.  

On off days I might do some driving to play.  I lived in Bozeman for awhile and there are some real nice spots around.  Mountain courses.  

He's right tho.  It's like going on a nice hike and playing a game at the same time.  And most people pick it up quickly.  I suggest everyone give it a try this summer.

Well let's stay in touch, and play a few rounds this summer Jeff. ( you can show me the layout at Grant, and I'll do the same for you at Canyon !!! )


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