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Dormitories & Employee Support Buildings

Concession Employee Housing

The vast majority of people who work for concessionaires in the park are housed in dorms (some bring their own RV and stay in one of the employee RV areas).  The following is a listing of many of the major employee housing and support facilities throughout the park.  Most are shown on the maps so that new employees will have a sense of where they’ll be staying.  The year shown in parenthesis is the year the facility was constructed.



Dormitories & Employee Support Buildings

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Some of the Dorms.


I live in the Ambassador.

Some call it the Ghetto of West Yellowstone.

It's not all that bed, but you'll have a roomate, you have bunkbeds, with a kitchen, bathroom.  You have to buy your groc. and what not's.

Some are as big as a studio, other's are big enought hold a larg family.

If your on facebook look me up, I have a few photo's of them.

It takes about 10 min to walk to the Holliday Inn from here.

The nice thing is, that everyone who works at the Holiday Inn, lives here.

Some do have there own Apts elsewhere too.


I am gonna to live in Ambassador this summer, I will be working in Yellowstone park hotel..

Can you please post some photos of the accomodation?

Thanks a lot


I will be starting my first season at Yellowstone April 7th , I was hired via Xanterra.

I will be staying in Gardiner,Mt I was wondering if anyone knew about the dorm/bunkhouse there?


Like most Xanterra dorms the Bunkhouse is very old and pretty run down. The  RC (resident coordinator) there is great, however, and keeps things clean and as up to snuff as possible given what she has to work with. I have only stayed in a transient room at the bunkhouse while in Gardiner on company business. I believe all the rooms have at least a kitchenette and their own bathroom, but I am not positive on that. Most Xanterra dorm dwellers are not that lucky, having shared or community bathrooms and no kitchens, so you have to pay for and eat at the company dining rooms. I think you will like the people who live at the Bunkhouse. Most have spent many seasons there and are good people. It's also nice that you are right in town yet have the park at your doorstep.

Not the best photos but will give some idea what the rooms are like at Canyon dorm for DNC/YGS employees.


Thanks very much both of you for the information.I was just trying to see what i had to work with..Will have to post some photos on here of the dorm i'm in to give others some idea as well....the pics helped a lot

If anyone has a picture of the inside of a Teal dorm room, could you please post it for me.  Thank you in advanced.



If you're boyfriend, girlfriend they may.  There are also married couples working in the park.  Most dorms are coed.


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