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I'll be at Lake this summer...staying in an RV...and I'll probably be eating most meals at the EDR.  Does anyone have any ideas of EDR meal prices for those not staying in the dorms?

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Dnc's price for the edr if livin in rv is 54.00 a week  dont know xanterra:))
Just out of curiosity, can you eat single meals at one of the EDRs if you're not on a "meal plan" (in other words, can you just go into the EDR and pay for an individual meal as you would at any of the public meal facilities in the park)?
I think you can but you may have to go to the front office to get a ticket.By that i mean the front desk.I,m not totally sure about it though.
dnc is a no ...not at all unless on meal plan
I believe you can still get on the regular employee meal plan even if your in the RV parking area.They will just take out so much each payday.

Xanterra employee's can buy individual meal tickets at the auditors office at some of the other Xanterra properties (Crater Lake, Death Valley, etc.) so I'm 'assuming' the same holds true at YNP too.  I just can't remember what they charged.  Since I will be eating at the EDR and in the RV, I hope I can 'buy as needed' instead of getting on a full time meal plan.

I believe your right.You can buy them as needed.It's really pretty cheap to have 3 meals a day this way.Better then going into West Yellowstone or Gardner to buy groceries & spend money on gas to do it.
I was just hired by DNC last week and was told you cannot eat without being on the meal paln and they do not let you buy the meal on a casual basis.  You can opt in once during the season and opt out once.

That must be unique to DNC for some reason.  I found a Xanterra employee who says they can buy individual tickets, and can even buy them for family if they come to visit.  I wonder why DNC won't afford you the same courtesy? Maybe Xanterra won't allow them to (I think X runs the EDRs, right?  Anyone know for sure?)

I'll be working for YA, and my supervisor says YA employees haven't been allowed to use the EDRs in the past.  That seems odd as well.

no xanterra does not run dnc's edr, they have a structured way they run the edr and if they allowed individuals to purchase there might not b enough food for everyone:)Is that yellowstone association?

dnc has a very limited budget for the edrs.

Are there separate EDRs for Xanterra and DNC?

And yes, YA = Yellowstone Assn.  ;-)

yes completly seperate:))


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