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Hello there, I am a Hospitality and Tourism student up here in Michigan. I am applying for an entry level summer job during summer break at either a national park or resort.

I have heard some amazing things about Yellowstone and in the middle of applying for some type of serving position (or wherever I'm suited best for!) I have also applied to resorts and summer camps in colorado, california, and Monatana.

Anywho, I wanted to ask you all whats the best thing about working for Yellowstone or just a national park in general, and the worst part.  I'm just hoping to get some responses that give me a feel for this career and choose if it's right for me.

Thanks for listening!


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Hi Jenna,

Welcome to the forum. 

I haven't actually worked at Yellowstone yet, but am actively pursuing my first season there. Yellowstone is my favorite place on earth. I've been at least a dozen times for visits and look forward to every return trip. I figured it's time to see if I can get my fill (if that's possible!) by spending an entire summer there. 

I think, to be honest, whether the choice of Hospitality and Tourism is right for you will be different from whether a National Park will be the right place for you. It would be wise to keep in mind that Yellowstone is a vast and isolated environment particularly well suited for people who enjoy outdoor adventure and don't require a lot of urban entertainment options. On the upside, everything will be taken care of for you if you live in the dorm (housing, meals, even recreation) and you will likely make a lot of friends ranging from International students to retirees.

Keep reading everything you can get your hands on and make sure you know exactly what to expect. If you do go with a job in Yellowstone, I suspect it's an experience you'll never forget! 

Try apply for Grand Teton Lodge Company is Grand Teton National Park, which is next to yellowstone national park. Grand Teton Lodge company is the consessionare for the Grand Teton NP, and Xanterra for Yellowstone. Xanterra sucks to work for, they treat you with no respect. Grand Teton Lodge company respects you and is actually a lot better. 

If you have any questions about these 2 please message my inbox.

I have heard this comment from other's as well....


Do your homework and make the decision that is best for you. There are people who love working in Yellowstone because it is a better park than the Tetons which is a great park as well. Furthermore, there are people who like the Tetons more because it isn't as big or busy as Yellowstone. The same can be said about GTLC.

I worked in the Tetons and wasn't impressed with how they ran things. There are other seasonal veterans like Carol on Cool Works who wasn't impressed with their operation either. On the other hand, there are veterans like Reggie and Brenda who are working in the Tetons this summer and in Brenda's case likes GTLC just fine.

Whevetever you decide to do, if you decide to work in a National Park, make sure you do it for the right reasons and that will put you in a place you can be happy while at work and while you are off.




I just realize, major error, I do know how to spell Montana lol

And thank you everyone for the kind responses!

Hey Jenna, I have also worked in the Hotel/Hospitality field.  Major resorts in Hawaii were vastly different from working in a Natl park.  Also, summer camps are going to be different.  I guess it's good exposure for you to try different venues to see which area you really like.  My reason for working in Yellowstone was to be there for a longer period of time to observe wildlife. 

There are of course, drawbacks in any situation.  If you only have to work for a company for 3-6 mos, I guess anything is tolerable.  I didn't like "communal living" but that's because I'm a very private person, and like my alone time.  I had to go for drives to get that.  Also, eating in a EDR, I had little control over my food prep so I ate alot of salads, sliced roast beef, hard boiled eggs and cans of tuna.

It sounds like you're younger and more adaptable.  There are so many directions to go.  Recreation, front desk, reservations, etc, other than Food Server.  Just like any restaurant, there's alot of turnover, split shifts, wokr work work.  Seems like they were always understaffed, and folks were over worked.

have a ball, get out and see the area.



This is my first summer that I will be working in Yellowstone, but I went through Delaware North instead of Xanterra.  There doesn't seem to be many reviews about working through Delaware North that I've found, but they also hire people for food and beverage.  It may be worth looking into.


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