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Hello, all!   I just received my paperwork on Friday telling me I'll be working at Grant Village this summer in "Food Services."  I'm just looking for some info on what to expect from grant and if anyone can shed some light on the "Food Service Employee" description.  It seemed pretty vague.

I'm so happy I found this site, and I'm excited to meet some of you in a few months!  Let me know if you'll be at Grant as well!

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Congratulations, Alexandra! I'm in the process of trying to get hired at one of the hotels in West Yellowstone, but I talked to several people the last couple of summers while visiting the park about their experiences. I heard that Grant is interesting in that the employees have to be shuttled from their living location to their work location for the first several weeks of the season due to bear activity in the area. 

I bet you didn't expect to hear that tidbit! Sure makes for an interesting work environment, though, right?

Joyce, not sure where you heard that, but it's not true. Security and the bell staff will carry employees from the lodges and restaurants to the dorm at night if there's significant bear activity in the immediate area, but aside from that,everyone walks, bikes, or drives between the dorm and their work. Sometimes the main trail is closed early in the season due to elk calving in the area, but that just means a slightly longer walk.

Alexandra, Grant is a nice, but boring place in grand scheme of things. If you stay in the dorm, you'll be in the newest and best dorm in the park. If you get in early, ask personnel to assign you to one of the "new" wings that were built in 2004. The rooms are larger and they have nicer bathrooms. Or if you prefer, you can ask to be assigned to a cabin - there are 13 cabins that are used to house employees also.

I was an RC at Grant last year, so if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

One of the employees who was, I believe, living at Old Faithful (we met on the trail to Lone Star geyser) told me that. Just shows how misinformation is passed around and accepted as fact. Sorry for muddying the waters and thanks for clarifying! 

Pat, thanks for your input! Should I be worried about being bored at Grant? I will have my own vehicle, but am worried about a lack of people my age there (I'm 23) early in the season. I start may 18th. Should I call and see if I can get my location changed?


There will be plenty of people your age in Grant Village. If you use Facebook, please feel free to join the 2013 Yellowtone National Park Employees group to get to know your future coworkers ok? Congrats on getting the job!!/groups/386161024815841/



Thanks, Leo!  Can't wait to meet everyone. it May yet? :)


I wish.... I arrive on Saturday, May 25th.......

I agree with Leo. In fact, the vast majority of people at Grant are going to be in your age range. And if you have your own car, you can go anywhere you want and do whatever you want, and will have lots of friends because you DO have a car! lol

Hey Alex I am 23 as well and I wont be too far away, I will be in Canyon, and arriving may 25th, lets meet up!

Sounds good! See you soon!

I am 20 and I am working at Grant this summer!! And I start on May 18th also!  I'm really excited!

I'm working there too! 


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