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Hi all, I plan on applying and hopefully getting a job at yellowstone in the summer of 2012. I would appreciate some general information like housing, pay, and hours worked per week. Im very intersted in being able to explore the park on my time off. I'd also like to know of any cool places in the area not necessarily in the park itself. Any and all advice welcome.

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I'am looking to do the same thing myself along side my wife..please advice on housing for couples?..
they do have housing for  couples when u  fill out the app just let them  know u applying with your wife and u will have no problem
Thanks for the info Reggie

Does the couples housing have private bathrooms?

I'm at Lake Yellowstone right now, and work at the Hotel. The housing here is pretty good. You have a room with another roommate and you share a bathroom with a suite mate next door.. so you pretty much have your own bathroom. Depending on what you do determines your pay. Here the Room Attendants get paid the most out of any other location in the park. You have 2 days off a week, but sometimes you'll get more. There's tons of trails to go on and you can rent boats and stuff to go out on the lake. Employee's get a discount on a lot of the stuff here which is nice. There's also an employee pub here which is tons of fun, they have pool tables, pingpong and foosball and also drinking if you are of age. And if you aren't, you can still go in there and hangout with everyone. They have employee softball and kickball teams that you can join. Plus, people go into Cody all the time and you can always hitch a ride with the friends that you will meet. You can spend your days off at any location, if you talk to housing personal you can get a room in another dorm at old faithful or wherever and hangout there for a few days. Wherever you go, remember a flashlight!
Good info, how about married couples?
My wife and I have also applied to work in the summer of 2012. We have an interview in August to discuss opportunities.  What are the qualifications for the vintage bus drivers and or the tour boat captains on Lake Yellowstone. Any helpful hints would be appreciated.

I am interested in applying for summer jobs.  Do you know when they begin posting for the resorts?



Couple housing is pretty good. Me and my boyfriend worked at lake hotel and lived in Osprey. Couples housing is on the bottom level and you get your own bathroom. Some have full beds in them, ours had two twins that we pushed together to make a king which was really nice. Depending on the room and the location you apply for deteremines whats in them we had two closets, two beds, a desk, chair and two sets of drawers. Some rooms have dressers some dont have desk its really mismatch on what you will get. If you have a camper you can also bring that and the have camp sites near the area it has to be a hard top though due to bears. We bought a minifridge out there which was really nice and wish we would have bought a microwave too. They normally have three different categories for dorm selection which are 21 and under, 21  and up, and the quiet dorm which is where more of the older people live.

Got hired at Grant by DNC for summer 2012. Anybody stayed there in the RV Park? Let me know about some pros and cons. Is the EDR convenient to the RV park? Has anyone had experience working the General Store that you could share. Thanks and see you there! 

Larry, I worked at Lake GS this past year and visited all the other stores and rv areas. My wife and I will be back at Lake next summer. As for Grant, I liked the store and when in their everyone was friendly. As for the EDR, it is in the store. They also have dorms in the building. The rv area is about a mile, the route is "U" shape so if there is a walking trail it would be shorter. The only con is that rv area is in lower area surrounded by trees. Each rv site shares short pole used to mount your sat dish. Hope that helps.

It helps a bunch. I've traveled more than my share but have never worked and camped so this will be new. I retired from teaching a couple of years ago and just wanted to do this. My goal is to break even on the money part. Have you found this possible? Would ya'll recommend using the EDR even though I'll be in the RV area. I have vacationed in Yellowstone 5 times in the summer/fall and one time in winter. I never really noticed misquitoes being a problem but I've noticed they are mentioned in a lot of post. Starting date is June 15. Do I need to be concerned about the little pest? Hopefully my youngest son will get hired. He has some time restraints due to college. He is a fishing fanatic. Can you recommend anyone who might be able to point us the best direction with fishing info. Thanks and look forward to meeting ya'll. I'm from near Athens, Ga.


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