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I'm hoping to work during the 2012 summer season, but there are so many thing's I'd like to know!


1. Do engaged couples get any kind of married-like housing?

2. On average, how much is deducted from your check for housing, food etc? 

3. I only have a bit of job experience, about 6 months total, mostly food & beverage work. is this frowned upon when they're looking at applications?

4. Me, my fiance, and our best friend are planning on going together next summer. When I put this in the application, are our chances to be hired more likely?

5.For an entry-level position, which is the best to apply for? I don't mind any specific type of work, so whatever is the best, let me know!

6. Recreation?

7. Does working for Yellowstone look good on a resume when all is said and done?


Sorry there are so many questions! But if you could help me out, that would be amazing! <3




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Speaking from the Xanterra point of can request housing with your boyfriend.  there are also a few 3 to a  room, rooms, if you wanted to have your friend in there as well....  Otherwise, just all request the same location.

F&B is a huge part of the job pool.  Why would they frown on that?

don't know for sure, but I think some sort of background in Recreation, either personal or on the job would help.

Apply for what you think you'd be good at, or like the most.  they will train you.  If they think you aren't going to cut it, they will find another place for you.  There is some job switching that goes on as things open up.


sound like mainly you all want to work in the same location.  otherwise, places are about 45mins apart.

hope this helps, and good luck!!!


June, I didn't mean F&B as being frowned upon, but my lack of work experience. :b but now I know my chances of that for Xanterra are higher!

Thanks for the advice and info! :)

make sure when you apply to check the box that says your willing to take entry level jobs such as kitchen crew and housekeeper. I was pantry lead at lake hotel this summer which was a good time. If you get hired on as kitchen crew you can be placed in pantry which is making salads, desserts, and cold food. Dish crew or EDR which is for the employees. Even if you get into a lower job show the bosses that you know what your doing and DO NOT COMPLAIN or they will leave you in that job all summer. Couples housing is good just make sure to mark it on your application.

Each area has its own recreation department and they have multiple events a week. There is park wide soccer, basketball, pool, and softball tournaments.


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