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hey there! I will be coming to work and live at Yellowstone this summer, and I will be living at Canyon, and serving at Canyon Lodge. I am thrilled for this opportunity of a life time! I just wanted to say hello to anyone else who is interested in making hiking friends! It is going to be a great summer full of adventure :) 

P.S. advice about Canyon, Yellowstone, or anything in general is welcome

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Hey, I'll be at Tower this summer, and I'd love to go hiking :)

Hi Kari,

I worked at Tower two summers ago and loved it.  Its a smaller location, and a little more remote, but there is some GREAT hiking in the area.  We also hung out a lot with the Roosevelt crew when I lived there....  I'm working in Canyon this summer and our group definitely does a lot of hiking.  

Looking forward to meeting you!


I'm excited to be right next to Lamar.  I know I want to hike out to Trout Lake and Fairy Falls for sure.  When I visited last summer, my family stayed on the main loops so I didn't get to go hiking much.

I can't wait till summer gets here!


I'll be in West Yellowstone (jealous of you!) but plan to get into the park for hiking as often as possible, definitely 1-2 X per week. 

What level of hiking (strenuous, moderate, easy, length/time) do you hope to do? I'd love to meet up with others who would enjoy group hikes for safety and conversation. 


Congrats! I will be working in Canyon this summer as well!



Hey Leo, Kari, and Joyce!

Joyce I am from the Chicagoland area so my hiking direction ability is limited, but I can keep up just fine, and prefer more of the " risky" trails. Have you worked for Yellowstone before Joyce, I am just curious why you say you are jealous. Is canyon more just more convenient since it's center Yellowstone?


hey! where is tower located? I don't see it on my map here, are you going to be working at yellowstone too?

Leo! Maybe I will see you around, you look like a trouble maker though so I dont want you causing too much ruckus

Hi Kelsey,

I'll be working outside the park. West Yellowstone is a small town on the western border. I originally wanted to work inside the park and had requested the Old Faithful area (my favorite), but realized it wouldn't work for me (I have a husband who isn't planning to work for the concessionaires as he has his own business to take care of and 2 cats that are coming with us. :)

I have not worked in Yellowstone before, but I've been there on numerous occasions and this has been a long-time bucket-list item for me, to spend the entire summer there! 

When do you start? Late May/early June is when the babies start coming. Bison first (they call the baby bison red dogs) and then elk. It is so neat to see them so young, and then into the fall, late August and early September is when you get to watch the antics of the bison and elk trying to make new babies for next year. Just stay out of their way! 

Have you checked out Leo's facebook group? I don't know if that might be an easier place to arrange some group hikes. 

Oh, and do you have or plan to get bear spray? If this is not something you know yet, please check into it. If you're flying in, note that you cannot take it on the plane (I believe, unless someone else has other info?), so plan to get some in Bozeman or wherever you're flying into. If you are driving, you can probably get it cheaper through Amazon. You'll want this for hiking.

BEAR SPRAY! oh that is awesome and I am not being sarcastic. the thought of being so close to the wilderness to the point where I need bear spray makes me so excited. I am lucky to see a bull frog where I am from, that is exotic. I am excited I will be there in time to see the babies too! I will be there from may 25th to September 25th! I think its cool that you will be on the outskirts of the park because you may have a little more privacy, and you will still be surrounded in the wilderness. Plus you get to bring your cats :)

I also get to cook! I will be staying in an apartment and I love to cook and bake. And I share. :)

I love your enthusiasm. I grew up and lived in the Indianapolis area until I was about your age and was married. I know what you mean about wildlife, although we did see the occasional white-tail deer when we went to a state park. You will love it in Yellowstone!! You will not have to go further than the parking lot at Canyon to see some amazing wildlife, although I hope you do venture out further. 


Tower is about 6 minutes away from Roosevelt, so about 30 minutes from Canyon without animal traffic. :)  I'll be in Yellowstone from June 3rd through August 16th.  I haven't worked at Yellowstone before, but I've visited.


Tower isn't far from the Roosevelt Lodge.

Hi Kelsey, You're job sounds amazing, congratulations!  Have you worked in Yellowstone before?  I'm going to be working in the Canyon General Store this summer as a lowly food service associate (Ha), so I'll be in the area too! This will be my first time living/working in Yellowstone and I would love to meet some buddies to hike with as I currently know not a soul who will be in Canyon/Yellowstone. I'm ready for many a hiking adventure this summer. I'm not really a  pro with trail maps, but will do whatever's necessary to experience Yellowstone! :)

All the best,



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