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Hi everyone.  I'm beginning the application process and had some questions.  

I was hoping you could share your experience based on the location.

I'm looking at Grant Village and Lake, but not sure which. If even those!

I've searched the net, read blogs, everything on here... and still only have a little feel for the "life".

So info about your specific location, likes, dislikes, room situation, cafeteria, jobs, recreation, close attractions, etc...

Specifically: How many people are location at Lake compared to Grant Village?  I understand that Lake is much busier and gets more traffic, but if Grant slow?

I hope to hear from you!



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Hey, Jeff.

I was an RC at Grant this past summer, so I can speak about it a bit.  Grant has a (Xanterra) resident population of about 250 or so, while Lake is on the order of 500 or more.  Grant is slower, relatively speaking, since the location is primarily an overnight stay for most tourists (i.e., there's no touristy thing to see at GV like there is at Lake, Canyon, or Old Faithful).  Xanterra operates a campground and 6 lodge buildings (300 rooms), plus two restaurants.

If you don't have a car to go visit other places in the park, literally the only thing to do after hours is go to the pub.  Of course, you can hook up with others for rides or hitchhike as well.  There are not a lot of hikes/trails in the immediate area, though.

Grant does have what is considered the best dorm in the park.  The rooms in the newer wings have their own baths and are very spacious.  The older wing rooms are still quite nice, but a bit smaller and most are suites where two dorm rooms share a common shower/toilet.  There are also 13 quad cabins for employees.  You're allowed to request to be in the dorm or in a cabin, and if you get there early in the season you can even ask to be housed in a specific area of the dorm.  One benefit of everyone being in one dorm is that you get to know everyone else who works on location much more readily than if you are housed in other areas (which have multiple, separate dorms).  The dorm has three laundries for staff use.

The EDRs are pretty much the same throughout the park from what I hear. The food is pretty decent at the beginning of the season and toward the end when the staffing levels start going down, but during the peak season, the food quality sucks, to be honest.  Many of us bought food to keep in our rooms and didn't even eat at the EDR unless they were having something we really wanted. And you don't get to opt out of paying Xanterra for the privilege of not eating in the EDR.

Grant has a small Rec staff (2 people at peak). They rent movies and schedule activities (hikes, shopping trips to Jackson, Cody & West Yellowstone, swimming outings, etc.). This year they were a bit more proactive and inclusive than they have been in the past. Rec also rents camping equipment if you need it.  There's a volleyball court, basketball court, and a disc golf course at Grant. There's a large rec area in the dorm itself, with pool table, ping pong table, weight area, and lots of seating.  Internet access sucks majorly, though it is usable for basic email and web browsing for the most part.  The pub serves alcohol, sodas, and some food items (pizza, quesadillas, nachos, etc.), and has a couple of pool tables.

DNC operates a large General Store and a Mini Store in the village, and there's a YPSS service station, along with the NPS Visitor Center, ranger station, and housing/maintenance complex.  The DNC dorm is next door to Xanterra's dorm.

I hope that sheds a bit of light on what it's like at Grant. If you have any questions about that area, I'll be happy to answer them as best I can.  Personally, I enjoyed working at Grant, but I don't recommend it unless you have a vehicle with which you can get out when you want to get out to do other things. 

Pat gave a very good overview of life at both Grant and Lake.  It seems like whatever location you are at, the Pub is the main recreation, unless you are at a place where there is alot of Mammoth, Roosevelt, Canyon and Old Faithful.   But as far as nighttime entertainment,it's the pub or DVD's, reading books or drinking in the dorm...21 and over.

I know people who wanted to be at Grant, because of it's close proximity to Grand Tetons NP and the rock climbing opportunities down there.  Some folks prefer Lake, because they like to Kayak.

Phone service.  currently nil at both places, however Verizon is tryng to make a deal to put in a tower at Lake.

Car   I can't imagine being there without one, but many do not have a car and do fine with joining in on the Recreation activites or hitching a ride with another.

After you get there, other opportunities come up to transfer from time to time.  either in position or location.

EDR - Yeah, alot of the food seems premade, but there's always salad, dessert, and some sort of protein.  I also had protein bars, cans of tuna, beef jerky for emergencies.

I hope this helps.  I spent 2 months in the Spring 2011 and then another month in the Fall 2011. 

Just a quick note here to say that Grant actually has very good cell phone service, probably the best inside the park.  There are two towers there, one for each technology. Even the 3G service is good on both systems (which comes in handy when the dorm's Internet service is way slow).

The tower at Lake is supposed to be installed and service up and running on Verizon by the middle of next summer.

i was working at mammoth last summer  as a employeee dining room server  which mainly did all the employees and  this big bosses there  it was about 300-350 there they have about 4 dorms there two of them lodgepool jupiter spruce and aspen  lodgepool and jupiter was mainly  for under 30 and we call that  the party dorms both of them have community showers   spruce and aspen was over 30 crowd which is a little bit quieter  spuce has community showers also aspen is mainly for older people which has there own showers in the dorms but you have to share it with people next door  the food there can be good or bad we just cant please everyone  even when we had something good there was people complaining about it  the cellphone service was ok if you have verizon  or sprint but anything else  might as well dont have one  the rec room  was ok but  the trips fill up fast and you have to pay for the trips especially to to bozeman they only take one van and its like 10 bucks to go   the pub is ok the food is a little bit  better  especially the nachos    

if i go back to yellowstone this summer its either going to be old faithfull grant or working in laundry

Thanks for all of the info.

My recreation focus is disc golf, fly fishing, and wildlife viewing.  I know most locations have a disc golf course.  I'm leaning towards lake for a few reasons...Hayden Valley wildlife, yellowstone river fly fishing, the disc golf course.  Let me know if Im wrong here.

So now I know more about the living situations, but what about the jobs?  I have serving experience and dont mind working in restaurants because of the money and good hours, but Im not sure thats the job I want this summer.  Something quiet and more secluded might be nice.  So please share some info on different jobs and hours and pay.  


Hi!  I'm also a first timer at Yellowstone this summer and was placed at Grant.  I'm so excited to call this place home for a few months and meet some new people!  Have you decided on Lake or Grant yet?! Either way, excited to meet you!


I'm a first year out to Yellowstone as well, but I won't know where I'll be until I get out there. I hope to be at Grant though, I would love to be by the Grand Tetons! Hopefully I'll see you out there!

My first Job at Grant 2003 much smaller in size

mostly get Kitchen or housekeeping at Grant

I moved to Lake and than Old Faith

hope have good time look for my name in pub

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