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Hey guys, 

My name is Bukola and I'll be working with the Yellowstone Hospitality Crew this summer! However, I've run into a bit of a problem: the earliest flight I could find lands in Bozeman airport around 3pm on June 7th and the Yellowstone bus leaves at 7:15am :(. Considering that I'm a college student and have already spent so much money on this trip there's no way I'll be able to stay at a hotel for four days until the next bus.

Is there be anyone arriving on the same day who is driving to Yellowstone and can give me a ride??? I'm willing to pay gas money. 

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Hi there, I hope you find a ride!!!  try posting on the Facebook page as well!/groups/222161667882895/


And, if you possibly your manager, and see if anyone from your dept is going to Bozeman.  people are going up there all the time from the park.....good luck!!!

Thanks for the Facebook page! 


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