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Hi all, I'm new here. Hope I'm doing this right. I spent already over an hour reading through previous discussions on the Yellowstone forum and I'm super excited that the application period is open now for Summer 2013. If all the stars align, this will be my first Yellowstone job.

My spouse will not be working in park support as he has his own endeavors that he will continue. We are currently in discussions about housing, deciding between housing outside of the park in one of the gateway communities or living in an RV. 

My question is - does anyone have first-hand knowledge of whether personal pets are allowed to stay with employees in their own RV? The Secret Yellowstone site has this to say:  "Keep in mind that you cannot bring family (including a spouse if s/he doesn’t work for the concessioner) or keep pets in concession housing.", implying that pets may be allowed in an employee RV? We have two cats that would stay inside and they promise not to bark. :)

If the park service prohibits domestic animals in employee RV parks, then we'll go the route of housing outside the park. I wanted to see if anybody knows anything before I look into the options further. 


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Well, I know that Delaware North has a few jobs at Mammoth with limited RV sites available outside at Gardiner where a spouse who is not employed by them can reside.  Unsure about pets but more than likely allowed as it is NOT in the park.  It is only a 5 mile drive in to work.  Apply for anything they have at Mammoth, prob retail in their General Store located here. 

Xenterra also has jobs here (more) but they have very limited sites alloted to this same RV park that are not already spoken for by returning employees.  Don't know if Xanterra would allow a non-working spouse.   The only other housing they have here is in the park, dorm style, where both spouses must work.  This Gardiner RV site IS considered employee housing, 

I know this because last summer (2012) my husband and I were set up in this situation.  He was hired at Delaware North at Mammoth with the RV site in Gardiner where they said I could also stay.  I was hired by Xanterra in Mammoth also, but their allotment of RV sites were already taken, and they had no jobs available for my husband so that we could use the dorms (we preferred the RV site anyway).  We did not take the positions later because I had to have some minor skin surgery and couldn't get it done in time for the job.  We had to cancel. 

So, we worked in South Dakota part-time at an RV Park where I got my minor surgery done.  However, while there, my husband suffered a near fatal heart attack with cardiac arrest twice from a blood clot, but luckily survived because we were so near help in Rapid City, SD, and not in an isolated area.  We are members of the older and bolder crowd as you can guess, as he is 73 and I am 68, which we ALWAYS have told our employers.  For some reason, they seem to think we are lying I guess.  Anyway, he was doing outside maintenance work in extreme heat, because another senior who was 20 years younger but on disability couldn't do.  I think they thought my husband was younger as he is very fit.    It is frustrating that this happens as we would like jobs where we could get the normal breaks and considerations that other people of our age receive.  We always give our all on our jobs.  Anyone know of any jobs that are age-appropriate for us.  He sincerely wishes to work, just not in maintenance, and has experience in retail, etc too.  He has a stent now, like a lot of seniors, and is doing amazing.  We need something too where he could work part time or not at all, and where I could do full time.  Any ideas anyone?  He feels the is ok in Yellowstone or Alaska or ??

If you live in your own RV, you are allowed to keep pets, yes, regardless of who you work for.  I'd caution you about cats, though.  If they're anything like cats we've owned in the past, they tend to wander off on their own.  If they do that in Yellowstone, they'll likely become a snack for the coyotes.  I know you say they're "indoor cats," but sometimes even indoor kitties manage to sneak out.  Park regs require you to keep all pets on a leash, so if you do allow them outside at all, they will need to be on a leash. 

Thanks for your reply, Pat! Definitely some things to take into consideration.

Mary, I would be concerned about Yellowstone in your situation.  It is very isolated and would take quite awhile to get to a major medical center. Maybe the south end of Grand Tetons so you could get to Jackson quickly where, if they couldn't help you, you could catch a helicopter flight to Denver or Salt Lake. Good luck in your search! 

Hi Joyce,

Yes, you're doing it right and thanks for jumping in!


YES they are at least will DNC in the RV park, no pets in dorms. If they go out they must be on leashes. Outside living will be very expensive in west or up in gardnier(outside mammoth).  Rv park is great, just some restrictions on having stuff outside that might attract the bears:)) What job did u apply for? Husbands are allowed to stay in RV park even if they do not work for DNC.  It was THE most awesome time of my life and hope to go back in 2014.

Thanks, Jackie, for your replies on both my threads! 

We have decided to concentrate on West Y. due to the fact that husband needs a consistent internet connection. Still deciding between RV and apartment (have one semi-lined up, if needed). We're OK with paying our own way on housing at full price, if needed.

I indicated a fair amount of flexibility as far as which positions I'd be interested in and the contract length. I mainly want to keep busy so husband can work on earning the "breadwinner" salary and experience being near the park and getting into the park more days than not each week throughout the season. 


Hi, it's Millie. We have been hired in Canyon Village and we are bringing a 37 foot fifth wheel. It's been approved with our hire. What I read somewhere is that pets are allowed ONLY in employee RVs, not otherwise. We do not have pets so I don't know what the limits are as to type of pets, etc. I don't know about pets in other housing but somebody here can answer that, I'm sure. They do have full hook-ups for employee RVs and only in certain parts of the park. I believe it will cost us $16 a person, per week, plus electricity which is reasonable.

You can also still get the Employee Dining even if you are not in a dorm. You will have one chance during the season to opt out of it if you change your mind. We signed up because we are just thinking that groceries in YS will be expensive but if we choose to we can still cook.

I think it will be difficult to live outside the park if you work in YS. It is such a huge place. If you worked in the Delaware North offices in West Yellowstone (outside the park) than that may be a possibility.

Hope this helps. Good luck!



Hi Millie,

Thanks for your note! I have read that pets are not allowed in the dormitories, so it would have to be an RV for anyone who wants to work in the park and bring their pets. I heard somewhere that there is a maximum of 2 pets per RV.

I have been in touch with Delaware North re: RV living in the park and they have indicated that RV spaces for singles are very limited and the apps for potential hires for single employees in an RV will be put on hold until positions are filled for couples in RV spaces. Only then, if space remains, will they look at hiring someone who wants to live in an RV but they are single or their spouse won't be working. I thought I'd share that in case its helpful to someone else in the future. 

I've decided to change my request to work in West Yellowstone and arrange my own housing. 


Good luck, Joyce. Hope all goes well for you.

Sounds as though with a limited number of Employee RV Parks they want to get as many workers as possible for the amount of RV spaces available--makes complete sense. Have a great weekend!




I have a friend who brought her two cats to live with her in her RV during the summer last season at the Old Faithful location in Yellowstone. As long as you keep an eye on them and don't let them wonder around outside, you will be fine. bears, wolves, foxes and other predators might be attracted to their scent which is why it is best to keep them within eye sight. My friend loved living in her RV. In fact, I would want to live in an RV over a dorm if I had one. The cost is cheaper and you have privacy in an RV. I hope this helps. have a great summer. Feel free to ask me any questions ok? Have a great weekend!



P.S. If you husband doesn't work for a concessionaire, I don't think he will be able to live with you in Yellowstone.

Thanks, Leo. We're concentrating on West Yellowstone now. Must make some compromises but that's OK! As long as I'm closer than the current 12 hour drive, I'll be happy. :)


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