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Can anybody tell me about security. I will be a security officer at Roosevelt this summer.

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I can tell you that some people at Roosie is a bit of a party location. Your biggest issue will be noise complaints because our cabins are close to where the guests stay. The nice thing is that we do have the corrals close by where people can hang out if the wranglers are having a fire that night. It is the one place where they can be a bit louder without complaint, but the fires at the corrals are not a right. If people are too roust or try to get in the horse pens, they are banned. I am a wrangler and will tell you that you will probably get some wranglers who are unhappy about you regulating quiet time hours, because we work from 9 am to close to 10 at night most nights (quiet hour). A lot of them do not like having zero time to "let loose." Most of us are perfectly respectful, especially since all we want is to crash after 13 hours :). Overall, I'm sure you're going to have a great time and I look forward to meeting you! You are easily going to work in the best location!


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