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Hey everyone, I just got hired by Delaware North at the Tower General Store for this summer.  Does anyone have some insight on what the dorms are like there?

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I can honestly say that I did not know they even had dorms there!! I work for Xanterra...sorry not to be helpful!

Yeah, they're hidden up in the woods.  There's not much online about them, haha.

Kari S.,

Congrats on getting a job at the Tower location. I thought I had it good being at the Canyon location.... You will be even closer to Lamar Valley... When do you start? I am sure the housing there willl be great ok? Is this your first season?  Get ready for a summer adventure of a lifetime!



Thanks!  This is my first season, but I visited the park this past summer.  My check in day is June 3rd.  I don't want to wait three months!  Lamar Valley is my favorite place in the park.  I can't wait to start wolf watching!  Is this your first year too?

Yes it will be my first season working there.... I have been to Yellowstone multiple times including in 2005/2006/2008 and 2011 as a guest. I spent 4 months camping in the Yellowstone ecosystem in 2011.

Wow!  I've never been hardcore camping like that before.  Only in campgrounds where the biggest critter is a squirrel, haha.  I stayed at Canyon last summer and it was really nice.  The stores there all seem new too.

Kari,  the dorms are located up the hill by the camping area.  Its just a short walk, but the hill really helps condition you!  Black bear are in the area, so you must always be aware when walking to work.  I once was on my way down the hill and a black bear was walking up.....  I decided to turn around and ride down that day!!!!  But I loved walking to work along the creek!  You can hear Tower Creek from your dorm room when the windows are open.

Tower and Grant have the newest dorms for DNC.  They are set up as and your roommate will have a decent size room with a vanity sink in the room, and you will share a toilet and shower with your neighbor.  

The room is large enough for two twin beds, two chest of drawers, one nightstand, a table and two chairs.  And two closets....that will lock....

There is a rec room located just outside the dorm bldg, that has a ping ping table, pool table, TV room, etc.  And there is a fire pit just outside the dorms, and its not uncommon to see deer and elk while enjoying some smores!

Internet is sketchy.....

Hope this helps!

That sounds so awesome!  I can't wait for the first campfire while I'm there.  I've already bought my bear spray.  This helps a lot.  I figured I'd have to go to Gardiner to find an internet cafe or something.


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