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Anybody have any info or ideas about working in the kitchen crew this summer

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You can be assigned to the pantry dishroom or the edr. In pantry you prep the cold foods..sandwiches, salads, desserts. Dishroom you do dishes and edr is the employee dining room so you serve the food clean and do some prep work. Do you have any experience in a kitchen? I was pantry lead there this past summer. Even if you get assigned to one area there is always a chance to move.

No not really I mean I enjoy cooking and actually do a good bit at home. What would you say was the best position as a part of the kitchen crew. Thanks for your help

I was just in pantry and became a lead. So that was the best position/ area. You have more responsibility in pantry and you get to learn more I'm kind of biased thou cause that is all I did. I helped do dishes once when they were short and it was really easy.

Sweet thanks so much for the info how are the dorms and what were your hours?? thanks

There is a 6:30 .. 10:00...12:00 and 3:00 shift start time. I normally came in about 10:00 and worked till 8 or later. The dorms are good there is three main ones. Osprey which is 21+ known to be the party dorm, it is in the beginning but once everyone starts working its not so loud. Goldeneye which is the quiet dorm mostly older people I lived there in the beginning of the season which was nice cause I could go have fun and come back and it would be quiet. Pelican is under 21 but if there is to many hires over 21 some will go in there. It is 2to people per room you share a bathroom with your next door neighbors so only 4a people per bathroom! !

Thats great so do most people work around ten hours per day? And where do you normally do like go to the employee pub or what? And I dont plan on using my cell phone much but I have ATT and was wondering how the service was. And what about internet? I know its in the wilderness and I plan on not using much technology but just to talk to my friends and send pictures but I was just wondering whats the service like? thanks again for your info it helps alot

No most people don't work 10 hours that was just during peak season and when we started to lose people. There is no cell phone reception at lake you have to drive about 15 minutes to get it. Internet is good they started charging for it half way through the season, not sure what they are going to do this season. Yea a lot of people go to the employee pub lake has the best one in the park! They sell pizzas, sandwiches, pretzels, alcohol etc. There is also trails near by if their not closed due to bear and an activities department that does trips, hikes, softball, basketball and a bunch more stuff! Is any friends coming with you to work? Where in Mississippi do you live? Glad to help!

I live in a small town in the middle of the state called Carthage. I am pumped about the adventure, wildlife, and scenery. What was your favorite part of yellowstone and is bringing a car an advantage?

Bringing a car is diffently an advantage ... I drove out last year from Tennessee! It is such a large park and without a car your just kind of stuck in that one area unless you know someone with a vehicle. My favorite part of Yellowstone was the hoodoos its up by mammoth you could spend a whole day hiking around them and not get bored! My fiance grew up near tupelo, meet him last summer in Yellowstone!

Awesome I am driving for sure. What are the hoodoos??

Its a big group of rocks that people climb on, has caves I have pictures ill try to put on here.

I have another question. What are some essentials that i should bring? Thanks again for help


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