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I just wanted to get some info on what to expect this summer. I am flying in to Bozeman on May the 4th

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I'll be driving there. I check in may 1st. Will also be working at lake.
What position you get.hired for ?
I was hired as cook 3, not sure what that means. He said I would be working in the fine dinning restaurant. Have you worked there before?
My 1st season there but been doing the seasonal jobs since 2008.
I'll be doing security and one of my goals while.I'm there is.gonna be to
Get into better shape and sight.seeing.
Right on, I started back working out for the season, those are my goals as well. I wanna be able to see all I can, we will have to hang out and find some trails to hit up, and kayak the lake
Sounds good!! Are you flying in or driving? We will definitely have to hang out and hike and kayak!!
Disappointed that I didn't find out about this community until the day I left! I'm hired as a cook 3 at the lake as well- first time going west to work. Seems like we have a few days training to figure out exactly what we'll be doing. Can't wait to meet you guys, hope your travels to Bozeman are safe!

I'm here at the lake location right now, and let me tell you thats it's snowing, a bear and her cub were on property last night, It's so awesome, except the snow part. 

No cell phone service at Lake.  Someone said something about climbing up a hill across the highway and they could get service.  Also, if you go down the road, you might be able to pick up a signal.

So, be prepared for that.  some find they can't take the "phone withdrawals".  You should have Internet access, and I found a free program on Google last year that I could use for phone calls.

Just because it's summer, doesn't mean it's going to be warm all the prepared It can snow in any month.

bring at least a fitted twin bottom sheet. 

I believe Cook 3 does alot of prep work.  It's a typical classification throughout the F&B industry.

Be flexible., and yes, get out and see the park!!

Good deal, I have been in kitchens for 10 yrs but never a seasonal job, I don't mind prep work it will keep my knife skills sharp, I'm just glad to get my foot in the door, tired of working 70hr weeks!!

I'll be bring my new canon rebel t2i camera. I love photography. I've been told I could sell a couple photos to national geo. I'm hoping to hang out with a people to go driving around taking pics of wildlife, and do some fishing!....Anyone game? lol

Hell yea, I'm always down to see the sights and meet new people, hoping to find a cool girl to hang out with over the summer as well.

Whats the dorms like? I'll be doing security, so do their rooms look like? Does security get a room mate? LOL Where can I find a map of the area, that shows everything at lake, like the hotel, dorms, and ect?


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