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Life at the South Pole

Profile Information

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica
Where have you lived and worked?
I have lived and worked in three National Parks since 1985 and started working in Antarctica in 2005. I continue to work in both places today.
About Me:
At present I am back at the South Pole Station for my third winter season. This time I am working in logistics as a Materialsperson. My job for this winter entails inventorying the station, which consist of the power plant, heavy equipment facility, our food supply, Maintenance facility, and our medical supplies. This will take a crew of three the entire winter to complete.

We work in temperatures ranging from -30F to -100F during the winter months. My crew works in each stockroom listed above, some are indoors and some stockrooms are in the cold.

I'll post pictures soon. Our internet connection is sporadic making it hard to connect during the takes preference over the internet here at the South Pole.

Stay tuned....
Last Seasonal Job:
Yellowstone National Park, Resource Management
Favorite Seasonal Job:
Of course Yellowstone is my first love- working in a National Park is very rewarding. Working in Antarctica is an adventure of a lifetime, the next new frontier...on earth that is!
Dream Job:
I'm doing it.

Greetings from WAY Down Under

Terry has spent a couple of Antarctica summers at the Pole, and she's about to start her second WINTER there (that would be our summer in the US). The sun does not even show from March 21 to September 21 and it's always COLD. She has given us permission to publish the email reports she's sending from WAY down under and we thought we'd set up a space for her here to do that.

It's dark and COLD down there. She'll be back on the ice in February. There will be no mail in or out until October, maybe early November. Can you say isolated? Terry spent some time in Montana in January, 2008, before heading back south. Look for updates in her blog below.

They have Internet access 12 hours a day down there, when things line up with the satellites but, for now, we're going to pass things along from her. We'll see if we can get her engaged here a little later. For now anyway, you won't see any responses here to "friend" requests."

South Pole Group Shot - 2007

Check out the South Pole WebCam:

"This photo is of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station taken every 15 minutes (if a relay satellite is available for transmission) from the roof of the National Science Foundation's Atmospheric Research Observatory which houses NOAA/ESRL's Clean Air Facility. In order to preserve the life of the camera, it is tilted down onto the snow when the sun is in the field of view, which occurs for several weeks around sunset (March) and sunrise (September) when the sun marches in a circle above the horizon. From mid-April until mid-August the moon and the aurora australis provide the only natural lighting."

Terry's Photos

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Terry's Blog

Just One Sunrise a Year at the South Pole and it happens tomorrow - September 21st!

Posted on September 20, 2008 at 7:30am 0 Comments

Things are very busy here as we gear up for sunrise and summer…At the South Pole we only get 11 hours of internet and phone use as we cycle through three satellites just for 11 hours.

The sky is showing pink and orange as if in early morning...Just tonight we sat next to one of our many galley dinning room windows and awed at the horizon. Funny how a sunrise or set at the bottom of the world will take days and weeks while back home it takes minutes and's very nice to know… Continue

South Pole Farmer's Market Aug 31st

Posted on August 31, 2008 at 5:02pm 1 Comment


Life at South Pole is going well, with little over 10 weeks away from deploying>>>>. We are so excited to see light blue on the horizon which becomes further spread across the sky and brighter and each day getting closer to sunrise. The sun will be rising on Sept. 21.

Sorry that I haven’t been as consistent with writing this past season. Perhaps the novelty is wearing off to some degree, I suppose there are only so many ways and times I can write the sun… Continue

First Annual South Pole Farmer's Market

Posted on August 5, 2008 at 7:26am 1 Comment

The South Pole Greenhouse has proven to be a great provider for the winter crew. I hit a record of yield, 167 pounds for one week. A progress chart:

South Pole Food Growth Chamber Proudly Presents 2008 winter Annual Harvest

January February March April May June July August

93.73 204.23 40.6 145.1 306.8 345.6 401.35 123.78

I thought a Farmer’s Market would be a fun event, since it is… Continue

Son of PoleStock June 21, 2008

Posted on June 26, 2008 at 12:30am 2 Comments

The Son of PoleStock on June 21, 2008 was another music filled evening in the gymnasium of the South Pole Station

- 82 at the South Pole - May 31, 2008

Posted on May 30, 2008 at 6:00pm 2 Comments

Weather for South Pole Station

The date is 05-31-2008 at 10:46 AM


-63.3 C -81.9 F


-82.9 C -117.1 F


8.5 kts Grid 63


670.2 mb (11000 ft)

UTC 05-30-2008 at 22:46 Z

If you want to see official met data- click on this link .

If you want to see South Pole Weather FAQ's -… Continue

Comment Wall (7 comments)

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At 7:36am on September 16, 2012, Samir Othman said…

hello Terry my name is Samir Othman i'm from Tunisia in north of Africa please don't know how can i work and live in gardner in yellowstone i can work in volunteer work or anything i just want to leave my country to some big wild place like park yellowstone .can you imagine that i'm an atheist living in the midle of an muslim society a extremist peoples they are so far from the truth no body can understand me i'm 35 years old i'm still single just cause i don't want bring my children in a society like this please if you can help do something i realy can't live anymore in this counrty and i just want living in the wild cause i realy love nature i can do any hand worke and i'm good person peacefully thought ,i beleive in freedom and human cappacity ,science is everything to me ,i'm not higth  graduet but i educated my self specialy by documentary ,i like document scientifique,thank you Terry anyway

At 8:09pm on September 18, 2008, Terry said…
Hi Ned,
I ahve only worked at the South Pole, while McMurdo is a stop over to and fro South Pole I have never worked there. I have applied to McMurdo for next witner and would love to work at Palmer satation too some day. Kinda like Yellowstone... you just gotta work at every location! It is very similiar to the Yellowstone family I have known over the past twenty years. I would highly recomend doing it!

I know it's not much details, I'm sorry... where do you work now Ned? have you been on any wild adventures?

All the Best,
At 8:22pm on August 30, 2008, Ned Ryan Tsunami said…

I was wondering if you could tell me some info about each of the three stations, what the are like facilities people ect.

I'm really interested in going down there and working.

At 5:25pm on August 10, 2008, WILLIAM LEGG said…
At 10:37pm on May 21, 2008, Bill Berg said…
Hey! Nice to hear from you. It's GREAT to have snow like the "old days" again. We had a couple of HOT days last week and the river really came up but now we're back to coolness again for a bit. Not cool like down there, but still

Really great to see Zondra here.... thanx for spreading the word. Stay warm down there.
At 5:54pm on August 11, 2007, Terry said…
Hello all, I'd like to thank Coolworks for updating my blog... Yes our internet/ satellite was cut back and it's hard to check messages, but it's Sunday and I have time. Everything looks great! If I was reading this it would incourage me to work here. If not given this position next winter I will defiantly check out CoolWorks job listings!

Thank's for stopping by!

At 10:35pm on April 30, 2007, Terry said…
Yeah Coolworks, you are the best company ever! Thanks for sharing my great new job experience. I'll be happy to answer any questions about the South Pole and my experience here. I'll be checking when I can and look forward to hearing from you all.

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