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  • 32, Female
  • St. Louis
  • United States
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Like a Wagon Wheel...

Profile Information

Hillsboro, Missouri
Where have you lived and worked?
Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge
About Me:
I like Earth.
I went to Alaska last summer and made great friendships with amazing people...

I hope to do the same this summer when I work in Wyoming.
Last Seasonal Job:
Dream Job:
any job I don't dread waking up for...

How I roll:


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Gung Ho

Posted on April 10, 2008 at 10:30am 2 Comments

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At 12:11pm on April 30, 2008, Brandon Stringfellow said…
i will be cutting fish. But, to be quite honest, i don't really know how to cut a fish properly. I assume they will teach me. How about you, what will you be doing?
At 4:58pm on April 29, 2008, Brandon Stringfellow said…
hey, what's going on? I'm going up to alaska too. It shall be very fun.
At 9:57pm on April 23, 2008, AlaskaBound! said…
Hey lady, how's your planing going for Alaska? It's turning into spring up here and the bugs are coming out of hiding. I here it is warm back in missouri. I put a bunch of my photos up on, lots of Alaska to soak up. Just search for my name Brian Caton on there if you so desire to get a glimpse of it all. Well later.
At 9:43pm on April 23, 2008, A L E X A said…
I noticed you there b.c i am there to which you also noticed.
At 9:11pm on April 17, 2008, A L E X A said…
I wanted to ride the Metro Link around all day. That would be way cheaper than Amtrak. It goes all the way out to west county now i think. Im not sure. im going to print off the sced for the day and just get on where ever. Proly have to take a bus to the train part.
At 8:22pm on April 13, 2008, akscootr said…
your new pic cracks me up... ;0)
At 8:09am on April 12, 2008, akscootr said…
No, I don't remember because it was a long time ago. When (if) I settle down, then a fruit orchard does sound like a slice of heaven... :0) a yummy slice. Cheers... p.s. Blueberries, Salmonberries, and rasperries abound in Alaska. If you will be near Denali, the Blueberries will be on a plant no taller than a couple of inches at most. In July, pay close attention to those little plants and you will have a smorgasboard. Cheers...
At 1:27am on April 12, 2008, A L E X A said…
3 weeks?! my gosh thats it??! I still have a room full of crap! I need to get on it. Knowing me ill proly wait until we have a week and then panic!..again b.c my rooms still full of crap. Its hard to let go of some of this stuff.
At 1:33pm on April 11, 2008, akscootr said…
I would name it "My 'Lil Courtney" after my niece. I love her dearly.... if she does not like the name, then I would call it Beer (I worked last year on a boat called Butt Ugly, which is in my photos). It seems appropriate to call it something obnoxious... and Butt Ugly is famous now. I have soooo much fun with it. Although I did not make much $$$ that season for 20 hours a day of work, it was and still is rewarding. I did something I have always dreamed of doing.... I hope you do. Here is a story that is 100% truth...

One day I was somewhere near Imperial at a fruit orchard with a friend and talking about our various travels. The owner, who seemed to have everything one could ever want, started crying. She had never left Imperial, not even to go to St. Louis. So she had a lot of THINGS, but had not yet lived. She never would... Please go. All you can lose is a little time, but you can gain EVERYTHING. Only the Marine Corps has given me the same satisfaction that Coolworks has, and even that that be considered Coolworking. That fruit orchard owner is going to die with no life experience. To me, that is a tragedy that no one should experience. Trust me, you don't want to be that fruit orchard owner.
And you are invited to my boat, when I get it :0) cheers, amiga
At 12:00pm on April 10, 2008, akscootr said…
I just came from St.Louis, visiting a friend. Wow! major changes (I used to live there in the early 90's, St.Charles as well). But after coolworking, I have a hard time not living somewhere like Alaska. Many friends of mine live on their boats, making life very inexpensive and fun. In S.E. Alaska, boats are also primary transportation (and Toys) :0) If I actually learn not to sink the boat, you will be welcome to come along for a ride. One day, it will be a ride from the lower 48 to Alaska... maybe with luck, next summer. Cheers...

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