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I'll get a new start. Live the life I should. I'll get up and fly away. -Robert Hunter

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small town in Minnesota
Where have you lived and worked?
WI, WY, ND, ID, MN, and Brazil
About Me:
Minnesota born and raised. Inspired by God, nature, family, music, and a good nonfiction novel. Currently living with my husband in ID by the Tetons and loving every day.
Last Seasonal Job:
Grand Targhee Ski Resort
Favorite Seasonal Job:
Grand Targhee Ski Resort
Dream Job:
photographing the natural world

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Destination: Tucson......Girdwood?

Posted on June 2, 2007 at 11:56am 13 Comments

I just recently returned from Tucson. I went to visit friends and got a taste of what the area has to offer. Now I'm thinking of moving down there in September. Tucson equals a good job, good friends, and opportunity to hike and snowboard. The more I think about it, the more excited I get.

However, prior to the trip, I was contemplating Girdwood, AK. I have a strong pull to get to "the last frontier". The town of Girdwood sounds like a harmonious piece of heaven. I don't know…


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At 8:09pm on May 18, 2008, Mr. G said…
ouch! talk about a bad place for a sunburn! what? no pictures of the clothing optional beach?! jk ;o) I am in Kansas for two more days and right now it is very bittersweet. I love my friends who are here, really they are more like family to me than friends, they prayed over me as I prepare for my next big adventure. I board my plane Tuesday for Alaska, and spend the night in Anchorage. Wednesday I get picked up by my boss in Anchorage. We fly from Anchorage to Dillingham, then Dillingham to the lodge. I can't wait I'm so excited and nervous. Its one thing to drive to a new and exciting place, its another to pack as much as I can in two bags and take off on an airplane, then a smaller airplane then a float plane. I uploaded some new pics, random mix of pictures really. I am sure my camera will be full by the end of this week as I'm snapping pictures of everything I see. I'm interested in seeing where you'll go next or if you might stay in Grand Targhee. I have a feeling if this place in Alaska is what I think it will be then I may be returning next summer too. You really can't beat the location or the pay! In the back of my mind i'm always thinking about where I'll be next. When are you going back to Cali? if you go count me in. I have a few family and friends out that way who would love some spontaneous visitors. anyways I have to get back to packing! I always hate this part of traveling, the stressful pack as much crap as I can time.
At 4:01pm on May 7, 2008, Kyle Nyce said…
Where in Arizona?

I'm thinking of joining that ACE program, so i'll be out near flagstaff, grand canyon i think...

going alone so prob won't know anyone, if you care for any mini roadtrips if you're out that way
At 1:33pm on May 7, 2008, Mr. G said…
hey so I no longer have a phone now, bummer eh? I leave for alaska in less than two weeks and I am pretty excited. I've been traveling around a bit. I was in florida for awhile and then I spent a week in the twin cities. Just trying to tie up all my loose ends down here and then I take off. How's work for you going? I imagine things are pretty slow right now, but are going to pick up soon. I'm so glad to be out of Winter Park. I love the mountains, but I hated the town and my job. just glad to be moving on to a place where I actually get to work instead of sitting around looking like i'm working ;o) hit me back I wanna hear how ur doing!
At 10:47pm on April 4, 2008, Eli said…
Thank you! You have some amazing pics. I wish I could travel to some of those places.
At 10:20am on April 1, 2008, Christina said…
Hey JD- no I haven't been turned on to facebook or myspace. Thought about it......but....

So you will be in somewhat my neck of the woods....Minneapolis. My brother actually just moved there last weekend. I have yet to talk to him to see how everything is shaping up for him and his girl. She is going to graduate school and my brother will finish his degree in Physical Engineering. Smart boy I tell you! Florida should be nice. It's been about 8 years since I was last there. Bloody humid though! I hope you are having a great time riding today. I thought about going up myself, but my morning consisted of getting to work early (volunteering my time for a while) and cleaning out my ride. It looks exponentially better. It hadn't been vacuumed all season. I'll probably head to the gym for a while and then I'll punch in to work. I'm not sick of the winter yet, but when I think of all the possibilities of spring, I get very excited. I've started hanging maps all over my walls of hiking possibilities. I'm going to start making routes with push pins and yarn. However, there is much I need before I take off on any trails. Last night I threw the softball around for a while. I'm feeling it in my arms this morning. My glove is breaking in, so it's all good. Life is great and everyday is exciting and full of potential. I feel spoiled rotten everyday living here. It's fabulous! Yeah, as far as my phone goes, it's really sketchy. It roams constantly and it's dead more often than alive, as of late. It is nice not being so attached to it though. However, days go by before I get your messeges (or anyone elses for that matter). We'll talk soon though. I hope your next two shifts go well and your last few days memorable. Until later.......
At 5:52pm on March 31, 2008, Mr. G said…
ps- do you use facebook or myspace or any of that stuff?
At 5:51pm on March 31, 2008, Mr. G said…
yea sorry I keep missin ya on the phone. I'm actually still in colorado right now. I have...two more shifts of work and 6 more days in town. My roomate Jared left yesterday morning. It was very strange having the whole place to myself last night. I have some friends from my old workplace(the timberhouse) coming to crash for a couple days. Then a few friends from KS are coming up this coming weekend to pick me up and take me home woo! I'm kinda sick of winter at this point although we got 9 inches in the last 24 hours so I'm gonna have to shred tomorrow. I can't wait to get back to KS, but i'm only there for two days then off to sunny florida to hang with my sister for 10 days..then back for 3 days then off to minneapolis for 5 days to hang out with my friend Cary. then home for 3 weeks. then...ALASKA. I'm really excited to go, but still have lots of stuff to buy. Like some good work pants, waders, and hip boots. Its gonna be a blast, but I definitley need the time off inbetween to go home and reconnect with fam and friends so i'm thankful for that. Wherever I end up your more than welcome to come visit too. I'm not too sure about steamboat. I need to get back to KS and talk to people to figure all that out, but I know next winter I wanna go someplace where i know someone or at least take some people with me that I know. I guess the social aspect of Winter Park has been pretty disappointing, but thats the way it goes! I'm actually gettin ready to cancel my phone because there is no service in alaska, but I'll have an internet phone and I'll make sure to get you that number. I think i'm gonna get a web cam too that way people can see me as I talk to them from alaska. Soooo yea that's kinda my life for the next couple months. I'll try and call ya soon. I'm glad things are going so well for you up there. Its great when things work out so well like that.
At 11:25am on March 21, 2008, Mr. G said…
yea that'd be good to talk. Here's my number (913) 636-6059.
At 8:55am on March 19, 2008, Bruce and Rose Eddy said…
Thanks. I love Coolworks photo section. I enjoy perusing photos from all over, you have some pretty impressive pix yourself. You must be over the HILL from us. Come by and visit this summer, I will be manager of the gift shop @ Signal Mtn Lodge and Bruce is in maintenance.
At 1:33am on March 15, 2008, Mr. G said…
I am a mad dancer what can I say. You should see how I dance when I'm not in a Santa costume ;0) still Enjoying Grand Targhee? I was checking out the website today. It looks like a cool company. Definitley smaller than Winter Park, but I think that makes it easier to get to know people. Soooo me and some friends are thinking about working in Steamboat Springs next winter. I know it WAY too early to be thinking about these things, but you should think about it. We were thinking of renting a house or condo in town. They are both nurses so they wouldn't be working for the resort. And I may or may not get a job with the resort. There's a van shuttle service there and I love driving and talking to people so it might be a good combo. It seems like a fun town also. I may be done after Steamboat and "settle down" scary thought eh???

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