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new jersey
Where have you lived and worked?
started in jersey where i grew up. then south carolina, utah, california, and also worked for a brief time in thailand in my travels. always open for new suggestions. and now its looking like ill be at the McKinley Princess Lodge this summer. from there who knows..
About Me:
to start with im 25 and obsessed with travel and adventure of course. and along with that comes meeting new people, new places, and new experiences. also enjoy rock climbing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, art, reading, white water rafting, and a ton of other things..
Last Seasonal Job:
i guess that would technically be moab, utah at a resort ranch for summer
Favorite Seasonal Job:
moab sure was a good one
Dream Job:
not sure yet. maybe something to do with traveling would be nice

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At 5:08am on August 12, 2009, Wendy Darling said…
Hey Dan! So it seems like the rio grande or the everglades are the best choices for winter-warm jobs...the season in the everglades is november thru perfect for me, then back to the mountains in the spring!
International travel is not really a choice for me, as I am the human of the lovliest dog ever! I hope you are doing well!!!
At 12:00am on July 16, 2009, Wendy Darling said…
Hi Dan. I am new to the site, and am still sorting it out. I am looking for somewhere to guide whitewater in the winter months...somewhere warm. Any suggestions???
At 10:19pm on May 18, 2009, Jason Brown said…
Hey Man that sucks, yeah Canadas gotta lighten up, and I hear ya about the ferry, I've wanted to take it ever since my fist year but the cost with a car is crazy, I'd love to tell ya its been a sucky start to the summer, but the weather and so the views here have been awesome....however one good thing for ya because of the lovely warm weather the mosquitos are insane :) so there is at least one good thing about not being here, it is a great place to be and to work and to meet people and to make money so yeah i hope ya can get things resolved to get up here, I'm glad to hear things are working out for ya down there, definetly I might be hitting ya up for advicve on SE Asia, more and more I'm thinking it'd be a great place to be for most of this winter.
At 7:01pm on May 17, 2009, Jason Brown said…
Just wondering how your doing and where ya ended up, havent seen ya yet? Hope life is good
At 2:08am on April 3, 2009, Jason Brown said…
No prob man happy to help with advice. You might be able to repay the favor this summer, by telling me about your travels, I'm thinking really strongly about backpacking through southeast asia next winter.

As for the Klondike Hwy I haven't driven the Whitehorse to Dawson segment before, the road to Dawson might be open this early, but the pass from Dawson to Alaska most likely wont be, so be sure to check before heading up there.

The Alcan from Whitehorse to the border is pretty cool, lots of mountains, passes, and Kluane Lake is huge, seeing it frozen is crazy. I've also had my best northern lights show at Kluane Lake, on a drive up one year

Stewart/Hyder were cool I thought, if for nothing else than the fact that its so remote, and just not a place a lot of people get to. A heads up if you don't take the Cassiar. My area of biggest concern for wildlife is from Fort Nelson to Watson Lake. There are tons of buffalo that like to hang on the road, and lots of elk and cariboo. Also seriously watch for deer between Fort St John and Fort St Nelson.
Obviously it goes with out saying, always and everywhere be watching for wildlife. On the drive up you will see everything and often it will be on the road.

I got your number, and I hope I see ya on the road, at the hot springs, or somewhere. I'm here in Portland until the 22nd when I'm going to Utah for a week before heading North. I leave on the 1st and I'll probably be at the Hot Springs on the 3rd and 4th
At 4:20pm on March 30, 2009, Jason Brown said…
Sounds Good man bartending at the lodge is a blast I'm sure you'll love it

I'm in Portland Oregon now, planning on leaving the first. Leaving the 22nd you will have loads of time to stop off on the way, and there are definetly many many many places worth stopping. Hells gate in the fraiser canyon of southern BC is worth a look. Smith River Falls just north of the Laird River Hot Springs is pretty cool, and in Watson Lake eat at BJ's a blue gas station diner just as you come into town...good food. Also with as much time as your giving yourself, you might want to look into taking the Cassiar Hwy up to the alcan. You could drop down and check out Stewart and Hyder Alaska and after hitting the alcan its only a two hour back track south to the hot springs. Just a thought the Cassiar is Amazing
At 2:30pm on March 30, 2009, Patricia said…
well, the dive shop plan is certainly the way to go. I was an AM at one for a while and that's where I got all my gear and made friends with lots of divers and several instructors, including the one I'm working on divemaster with. I was already a diver before I worked there, but I learned how to dive from those people; it was a case of, if you couldn't play with the big dogs, get off the porch! Needless to say, I picked up spear fishing, night diving, and going at the drop of a hat real quick. If you're down for diving, let me know and we can perhaps plan something to get down to Seward, Sewart, whatever it is, as that's where the diving is.
At 2:03am on March 30, 2009, Jason Brown said…
Well bartending vs serving. Serving you'll probably make more money, but its good money bartending to, however serving you have to work breakfasts, openers are in at 6am and everyone else at 7, most server shifts are splits meaning you work breakfast then come back and work dinner, you will be doing breakfast buffet this year though so its pretty simple, if a little hustle bustle, another side to serving is its easier to cover a shift and get more time off, you'll have about twenty fellow servers while there are only 6 or so bartenders
hope that helps,
by the way are you still planning on driving, when were you planning on leaving for alaska
At 5:28pm on March 29, 2009, Patricia said…
Well, its not required, I was told that the water was going to be in the low 50s in august and september, so one could fake it with a 7mm (though I'm thinking 7mm farmer john and jacket is more like it, wool lined at that!). I, though, do not like cold water. I was in 60 degree water earlier this year in just a 3/2mm with a 3mm hooded vest, and I was still cold. Granted, its in the 70s now and that 3/2 is just fine, another month and down here, I'd be diving in board shorts and a rash guard again.

I do have a lot of dives, but not a lot of experience, at least compared to my instructor; he's gunning to hit 5000 dives this year. He's been great to learn from. Open water should be fine, as I can't see the beach dives to be any deeper than OW would permit. I wonder if they'd make us do a refresher course/local acclimation course, as Alaska ain't Thailand or Florida. Which, by the way, I'm very jealous. Asia is on my must dive list. :-) were you there on vacation or working? this is who i spoke to. I'm going to shoot them an email and see if they require a dry suit cert card to rent one. My old school instructor buddy's advice was just keep your feet down, my DM instructor says there's a lot more to it than that, which I believe.
At 3:19pm on March 29, 2009, Patricia said…
No, I've not been diving outside of Florida yet, but I have racked up about 60 dives in the past year and half ranging from the springs in Central Florida down to Key Largo. I was supposed to dive the sunken cemetary (If you've seen the movie Deliverence you've seen this site, it was flooded in the 70s because of a dam, and filming of that movie just happened to be taking place during the construction) in Lake Jocassee in S. Carolina this past October, but I didn't get a chance while I was up there.

I was hoping to find another diver mainly because I'm hoping to catch at least one, two tank dive while I'm up there, and it's always nice to have a dive buddy. There's a shop in Anorchage that orgainizes dives, and I've already spoken to them regarding sites (there is boat and beach diving up there, I'm up for either). I'm also hoping to find a dry suit down here in Miami (talk about mission impossible); if I do, my instructor friend who's doing my Divemaster training will dry suit cert me.

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