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How to Tell Your Career Story

I own a small business that frequently has openings available for college students and recent graduates. One thing that I have noticed is that there is often a huge disparity between the way job candidates appear on paper and the impression they leave when I speak to them in person.

To be honest,…


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10 Questions That Will Help You Choose the Right Career

The jobs that we choose can have far-reaching consequences in our lives, impacting everything from our daily routines to family interaction and health. Our career is also an important part of our identity. Because it’s such a big deal, deciding what you want to do in life can be a difficult task. But with some proper reflection and research, you can gain clarity about the best career choice for you. For starters, think deeply and seek out the answers to the following questions.…


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Why Your Seasonal Job Experience Is A Key To Employment And How To Use It Properly

Writing a good resume is extremely important when applying for a job. Because it is your first contact with a potential employer, a professional, well-written resume is a must. Of course, many employers will want to see your previous working experience in your…


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Forging a Career in Writing - 10 Critical Steps

“Everyone has a book inside,” the saying goes. And given the shelves in bookstores and libraries, many obviously get that book out. You may have that book inside, but, unfortunately, you have to eat while it “bakes.” You also love to write and are ready and willing to pursue a career in writing, while that book percolates. The question is, then, how do you begin? How can you turn your talent and skill into something that will pay the rent? Here’s how.…


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Checklist for Resume Writing: 5 Steps to Ensure Your Resume is Ready for Today’s Job Market

The resume is changing. There are a lot of reasons for this, but it does mean that if you’re just re-entering the job market, dusting off and updating the resume you wrote 10 years ago might no longer be sufficient. Instead, there are some more details that you’ve got to pay attention to.

We’ve collected…


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3 Tips for Sending Your Resume to Employers


I remember when I first started looking for a job. I was young, fresh out of college, and needed some sort of income to get a place to live and provide for myself.

And I was desperate.

I have an enormous debt to pay in the form of tuition fees and money that…


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10 Signs It is Time to Leave Your Job

You sent plenty of resumes, went to a handful of interviews and, finally, got a job. You congratulated yourself, and maybe had a bit of a celebration with your family and friends. Happy times.

But now you aren’t that sure if you still want to stay in your…


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7 Platforms For Professional Networking Besides LinkedIn


LinkedIn might be the best-known platform for making professional connections, but it is by no means the only one. In fact, depending on your needs and career goals, it might not be the best for you.…


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this summer from my kitchen


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Top 8 Small Business Ideas for People with Good Writing Skills

The writing industry has immense opportunities for people with good writing skills. People with good writing skills are considered as more credible. The general belief is, there’s nothing better than a man who is good with words. In any profession that involves writing and Public Relations, writing skills are an…


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How to Make Your Seasonal Job Experience Work for You in Your Resume

It's easy to write off seasonal work as something that you just do to make ends meet or to make a few extra dollars, but it can be valuable work experience. You shouldn't feel like you need to gloss over it, or that the person reading your resume won't want to read about it. If you frame it the right way, your experiences as a temp can easily make your resume stand out in a sea of bland…


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Going Deeper

I've been watching the cool works page for years; applying here and there when my current job is being particularly soul-sucking. In the last couple of months, I've started a serious job search. But first, back story. 

I've worked as a swim instructor for four years. Before that, I was a wrangler at a summer camp. Before that, I was a full time college student majoring in Follow Your Heart and not caring what my future looked like as long as it "felt right". Let me tell you. That…


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5 Ways to Put Travelling On Your Job Resume

It is always challenging to balance between a well-paying job and traveling across the world maybe for leisure or just exploration. Traveling should always be goal oriented and should also go hand in hand with your career objectives.

Wandering across the world aimlessly will not only consume a lot of valuable time but also keep one away from constructive activities around your working area and the society at large. If used carefully, traveling can be turned into working…


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10 LinkedIn and Resume Tips for College Students

Well-organized resume for college students always prepares you for the outside world and also gives you an upper hand to potential employers from different companies. Job resume goes hand in hand with LinkedIn, they both play a big role in job connections. College students should never wait until they are…


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Random Days in the Life: Summer 2016 Wall Drug, Part 2

This summer I am working at Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota. In Part 1, I did an overview of three random days.  In this part, I'll do 2 more...the 2nd days of August and September.  I might do an edit at the end of the season for one more day...but sometimes that part of the season gets a bit hectic.

Part 1 is here:…


Added by Keith Larson on September 3, 2016 at 11:08am — 1 Comment

Random Days in the Life: Summer 2016 Wall Drug, Part 1

This summer I am working at Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota.  Maybe you have seen the signs if you have ever travelled on I-90.  I first heard about the company because of those signs.  It was in an advertising class in college.  Several years ago I was making a trip across the country and was going to spend a weekend in Pierre.  Seeing those signs along the way reminded me of the place and looked up opportunities for seasonal work.  I…


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Living The Dream

Living the Dream is the book I wrote while living in my RV and working at Mount Rainier. The chapters include all sorts of things I learned during my seven year journey in seasonal work. On Monday and Tuesday, September 5 and 6th,  you can download it FREE, yes, free at the link.  I'd love some good…


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Andy Logemann

●     ●     (920) 636-8146 (C)



A mechanical, electrical, or general maintenance opportunity repairing, troubleshooting or utilizing my practical knowledge of electrical, plumbing, carpentry and operation of mechanical systems or my background working with diesel engines.



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bounce back emails

I tried emailing 2 companies and the emails are not valid.  Whats going on?

Added by Diane Saveriano on July 21, 2016 at 6:50am — 1 Comment

A Roulette Dealer's Strategy in Lake Tahoe

As a roulette dealer in beautiful Lake Tahoe, I watched many people lose a lot of money. But one of my regular roulette players, whom I’ll call "Sam", won over $80,000 over a few months.

We met in a coffee shop shortly after quitting my job. This is when he told me precisely how he won all that money  --  by finding and exploiting a biased roulette wheel.

Eighty percent of the the states now have casinos and most offer…


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