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October 10, 2010 - Beyond Kathmandu

October 10, 2010…


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October 3, 2010 - Beyond Kathmandu

Good Morning (at least on this side of the world)!…


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September 26, 2010 - from Beyond Kathmandu

September 26, 2010…


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I am beginning another adventure to the other side of the world.

(Once again we will post Sarah's emails on this, her blog at My CoolWorks. Sarah is a YPSS alumni and we're mighty proud of her work. We thought you'd find her notes…


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From Nepal back to Salt Lake City

Greetings from Salt Lake City!

I have traveled safely back to this side of the world…and am enjoying having electricity, running water and a steady supply of hot water. My main struggle now is to adjust back to this time zone. I crash early and find myself awake in the wee hours of the morning.

Before leaving Kathmandu, Bel, Bishnu and I did a major whirlwind exploration of the valley. Last Sunday, we headed south and visited Dakshinkali and Pharping. Sangita’s friend Soni… Continue

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Farewell Nepal!

Greetings from Kathmandu!

Which is both a greeting of relief and one of sadness. The relief comes from knowing I have safely made it back to the Kathmandu valley…which is not always guaranteed based on the political climate, road blocks, protests or accidents along the way. The sadness comes from having to leave Pokhara and all of the people who I hold dear. Each day, I ventured forth to one of the households who Indigenous Lenses supports to say good-bye. And I received words of… Continue

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Week Ten in Nepal --

Good Morning!

The weather here has shifted…bringing with it cloudy skies and cold temperatures. On Monday, it was so chilly that I had to break out my wool socks, long johns and fleece. We bundled ourselves in shawls and blankets. These homes are constructed out of rebar and cinder blocks. They do not have furnaces or any way to heat inside…so it is layer, layer, layer. There was not enough sun to heat the water for a shower…so I’m trying to embrace cold ones. If I wash my hair in… Continue

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Week Nine in Nepal - Jasmine, Bhandas & Matchmakers

Good Morning!

The end is now fast approaching, which makes me very sad. I only have two more weeks of visits to the camp before I head back to Kathmandu. Bel and Bishnu will travel with me by plane and we will explore the holy sites of that valley. Now that the evenings have cooled off substantially, the night air is filled with the scent of night blooming jasmine. It is sublime! I sit in Bel’s home and pick it out from the other delicious smells that are coming from the… Continue

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Update from Nepal:


I have safely returned from Bel’s mountain village, having spent the time being visited by the villagers I had met one year before. But before I headed back up to that remote location, I had a very busy week. Last Monday, I traveled with Migmar to the monastery located on the road that leads to Sarankot to visit her nephew Chuing. We took boxes of juice, noodle snacks and spicy relish to help make their bland food taste better. We sat on opposite sides of a wall that… Continue

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Week Seven in Nepal

Good Morning!

I have reached the turning point in my time here…and am entering the phase of I only have ‘insert number here’ many days left/visits left/time to do this left. The stomach churning when I first got here about not bringing enough money to do all of the work I need to do is changing into unease about not having enough time left to do all that I need to do.

My weekly routine has fallen into place. On Sundays, I spend the day with Lobsang at her small shop.… Continue

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Six Weeks Left in Nepal - The Tihar Festival has Come and Gone

Tashi Delek!

One month has already passed…and I have six more weeks to go. The Tihar festival has come and gone…and ‘the boys’ did not disappoint. They arrived with their boom box and proceeded to dance and sing like crazy. It was truly a joyous thing to watch. They pulled me into the center and danced a circle around me. It was a riot! The last night the entire community gathered on the road by Grandmother’s home and danced. It was so much fun to watch…grandmothers, little children,… Continue

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So clear it feels like I could touch the Himalayas


The rains have suddenly stopped leaving behind cool mornings and evenings. The Annapurna range of the Himalayan Mountains is so clear that it feels like I could reach right out and touch them. The sunny days mean that I am having good luck with a hot shower in the mornings. I rotate between using Bel’s shower and using a camping solar shower I brought from home. One day I shower downstairs using the water from the solar panels and the tank on the roof…the next day I use the… Continue

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Three Days of Non Stop Rain and a New Goat in Nepal

Tashi Delek!

We are coming off of three days of non-stop rain. And I mean non-stop. The only variation was in how hard or soft the rain came down. Parts of Nepal experienced horrible flooding and landslides that took some lives. On the road out to the Tibetan camp, many rocks fell onto the road, making that stretch a bit scary. On the plus side, with the rains came more temperate weather. I actually had to break out the fleece the other night.

I have bought Anil a goat.… Continue

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Week Three on the Other Side of the World

an email Sally sent October 3, 2009:


Great balls of fire, it’s been hot here. I walk around drenched in sweat. On the positive side these hot, humid days make taking a cold shower much more tolerable. It’s the first gasp when the cold water hits that’s the most shocking….then it becomes refreshing. Just wait until the weather turns…then I’ll be wishing I was wilting again.

Sally making shell… Continue

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One Week Down on the Other Side of the World

from an email Sally sent Sept 26, 2009

Tashi Delek!

I have settled into my life on this side of the world in a way that feels seamless. In a very short period of time, I stepped back into the lives of each of the families that I have come to know and love. Word had gone out that I was back in town, so I was greeted at the Tibetan camp with katas (Tibetan silk greeting scarves) everywhere I went. Each year seems to have a theme. Last year it was building…a new roof and… Continue

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Back to Nepal

My life has been a series of adventures. From teaching school, to pumping gas in Yellowstone National Park. From earning Ph.D. in social work to shooting a documentary in Nepal. My current passion is doing humanitarian work in the Tibetan refugee camps in Nepal.


September 21, 2009


And welcome to my weekly emails! For those who are new this year, forgive my long windedness. I get to… Continue

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Heading Home

This is from an email sent December 1:

Well...I think I'm going to be able to head home...Yesterday, after arriving in Kathmandu, I made my way to the Thai Air office. They issue numbers and after sitting for many hours, I left to try the other airline offices. I was told that I needed to make my own arrangements I hit Dragon Air and Singapore Air. Then, again, I made the rounds early this morning, arriving at the Thai Air office at 7:30, even though they do not open until… Continue

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Week 10 in Nepal - Heading Home

This is an email sent on November 30:

It’s time to begin my journey back to the other side of the world. I’ll fly to Kathmandu tomorrow morning; spend two days in that chaotic city before trying to begin the long process of flying back home. I am deeply worried because of the protesters in Bangkok. As of this writing, they have taken over the Bangkok airport and all flights have been cancelled. Please pray for a peaceful resolution. When I get to Kathmandu, I will make my way to the… Continue

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Week 9 in Nepal - This Trip is Coming to an End

This is from an email sent out on November 23:

My time in Nepal is quickly coming to an end…bringing with it a mix of emotions that can be quite overwhelming. On one level, I’m ready to leave this third world country where I brace against all of the challenges that it brings to stay safe and healthy. But on another level, the thought of leaving my ‘family’ brings great sadness to my heart. When I sit with Rhichoe, in particular, I study his face as if to soak him in. Like Wangchuk… Continue

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Week 8 in Nepal: Pokhara, Broken Axle, Puja Room, Shiva Cave and Sitting Gufa

Wow! Where do I begin? I have just returned from such an incredible experience….I hope that I will be able to do it justice. We left last Tuesday, traveling by bus from Pokhara to Sangye, where Bel’s best friend lives. We hired a bus to take us instead of hopping on the bus that makes that run several times a day. We had way too many things to take to make that an option. Bishnu and Babita literally took their entire kitchen with them to do the cooking…two burner propane stove, huge gas… Continue

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