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You sent plenty of resumes, went to a handful of interviews and, finally, got a job. You congratulated yourself, and maybe had a bit of a celebration with your family and friends. Happy times.

But now you aren’t that sure if you still want to stay in your job anymore. Something inside of you is telling that maybe it is time to move on and look for a new opportunity. But you aren’t quite sure yet if it is the right decision.

So, in order to help you to make a decision, here are ten signs that it is time for you to leave your job. Have a look at them carefully and check if you can relate to one (or more) of them.

# 1 - You aren’t learning anything new

If, in the first days at work, everything was so exciting, nowadays it is all about repetition. You have got no challenges, nothing new to learn, or something to be improved. You feel like you could do your job like a robot, without having to be creative or think too much about what you are doing.

# 2 - You dread leaving home to work

You wake up every morning asking why isn’t Saturday yet. You stretch your time in bed for as long as you can, and you are usually late for work. You might even have been experiencing anxiety or depression symptoms, all connected to the idea of getting into your office. When you finally manage to go, you count every second until the time that you can go back home again. And when you do it, it feels like being bailed out.

# 3 - You start browsing for jobs and updating your resume

For no reason in particular, you start browsing around for job offers. You find yourself checking the opportunities on LinkedIn or analyzing how much others companies are currently paying for what you do. You also spare time in your busy life only to have a look at your resume, and to contact writing services, such as All Top Reviews, just to ask them for an opinion about your current CV.

# 4 - You feel like working 24/7

Work is always on your mind. You think about it all the time, even when you are at home and doing your favorite activities. Any time is a perfect time to check your corporative email and to see if anyone said anything interesting on Slack. All your conversations are related to work, an opportunity for networking or make a sale. And your boss usually catches up with you over the weekend regarding the extra work that you took home.

# 5 - You avoid company’s social meetings

You have mastered the art of excusing yourself from any company’s social meeting so well that you could write a book about it. Even if it is the birthday’s party of someone that you like, you won’t go. You just can’t stand the idea of meeting your colleagues and boss after working hours. Not even free food and drinks will make you change your mind.

# 6 - You have issues with your colleagues or your boss

You have lost track of how many times you considered killing someone at work with your bare hands. Your boss’s tone of voice is enough to make you lose your temper, and you have already had a few altercations, maybe even physical, with a colleague or a superior. You hate having to deal with your team on a daily basis and believe that there is no way to improve your relationship with them.

# 7 - Your company is sinking

Rumours and figures are telling you that the company is on its way down the road. You can sense that your job is in jeopardy and that you might lose your only income anytime soon. To make things worse, when you ask your boss about it, he or she denies it so nervously that you instantly become 100% sure that you are heading for a disaster.

# 8 - You feel ill too often

Without apparent reason, you seem to be ill quite often. Nothing major, but indispositions, indigestions, colds, headaches, and constant tiredness. No medicine can solve it, and doctors can’t find anything wrong with you. But you just feel awful as soon as you wake up in the morning every day. Surprisingly, you tend to feel much better in the evening time and on the weekends.

# 9 - Your performance hasn’t been great (and you don’t care)

Your most recent feedback reviews haven’t been great. Your performance has seen better times, and you aren’t achieving any goals. Your colleagues complain that you can’t get anything done, and your boss is always unhappy about you. And, to make things more complicated, you don’t seem to care about it. You aren’t trying to change the situation, neither making any effort to get back on track.

# 10 - You feel like everyone’s else is looking for a job

All your co-workers seem to be looking for a job, just not you. When you are out for lunch, the job search is all that they talk about on a daily basis. You notice people constantly being late or disappearing during the day so to come back telling the news about their latest interview. And you have been to so many farewell parties recently that they became a common thing in your schedule.

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