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10 Unexpected Writing Mistakes Every Job Seeker Makes

Having your work proofread is not a foolproof way of ensuring that your CV, cover letter or written project is perfect. The proofreader needs to fully understand your entire work, and he or she needs to understand it in context. It is up to you to go through your text and pull out any mistakes. Sadly, you are not a professional proofreader or editor, so there are probably quite a few potential mistakes that you are unaware of. Here are ten unexpected writing mistakes that you may have missed.

1 - Using ING Incorrectly

The misuse of ING is now as annoying as people's misuse of “There” and “Their.” Comments such as, “I found it very Addicting” rather than “Addictive” have crept into the American English vocabulary.

2 - Correctly Spelled Typos

Correctly spelled typos occur because people write things in their cover letters, on their LinkedIn profiles, and run it through their spelling and grammar checker without actually reading it through. Common typos include: and-an, out-our, your-our, one-on, off-of, loose-lose.

3 - Keeping The Pre-Written Template Text

Some job seekers use templates for their resume or CV, and some forget to take the pre-written content off it beforehand. Many people forget that there is text running along the bottom, so instead of the text saying the person’s address, it actually says something such as “Insert address here.

4 - The Use Of Semicolons

If you do not know how to use them, then just don't use them. When writing a cover letter or a resume or CV, there shouldn't be a massive need for a semicolon. You can structure your sentences to avoid the use of semicolons.

5 - Misuse Of Words

It is fair to say that some misuses of words are more annoying than others. People who write “borrow” when they actually mean “lend” are annoying. People who use “There” instead of “They’re” or “Their” are ultra annoying. The type of people who use “Principle” when they mean “Principal” are annoying-but-forgivable.

6 - Making A Vague Pronoun Reference

If it is not directly clear what you are referencing, then you need to make a bigger effort. For example, if you were writing about two men in a single sentence, and then you added the word “He” in reference to one of them, then you are making a vague pronoun reference because the reader doesn't know which man you are trying to reference.

7 - More Eyes Than A Spider

Job seekers are often guilty of using “I” too often. Their sentences all start with thing such as “I did this” and “I went there” and so forth. The employer knows you are writing about yourself, so you do not have to start so many sentences with an “I” statement.

8 - Comma Splices

You should not connect two independent thoughts by using a comma. You may use a semicolon or a conjunction, but you should not use a comma. Paper writing companies are often asked to proofread student essays where comma splices exist in almost every paragraph.

9 - Referencing Something You Have Not Mentioned

A job seeker may make such a mistake if he or she completes a project, cover letter or resume/CV in a number of days rather than all in one day. The job seeker believes that he or she mentioned something already, and so references back to something that is not in the text.

10 - I Could Care Less

You need to seriously consider what you are saying prior to writing something like this. Saying you could care less means you already care quite a bit. What most people mean is, “I Coundn’t Care Less.” Saying you couldn't care less means you do not care at all. Saying “I could care less” means that you do care.

Conclusion - Why Bother Being Perfect?

Unless you are applying for a job as a writer, you may wonder why you should bother correcting any of the mistakes listed in this article. You may even wonder why you should look for them. The reason is that the person reading your written project, your resume/CV, your LinkedIn profile or your cover letter is human. He or she is just as annoyed by writing mistakes as any social media fan, and such written mistakes may make you appear uneducated or ignorant.

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