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I saw on Yahoo today that Fox has pulled one of my new favorite shows, "Drive" from its Monday time slot. This led me to have several thoughts. First, if it weren't for 24 and its summer replacement Hell's Kitchen, I would really hate Fox. No other network produces as many original, well acted, and intriguing shows, and then cancels them a month later. As evidence I give you The Lone Gunmen, Keen Eddie, The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr., and the utterly fantastic Firefly. (If you have not seen Firefly, run to your local Best Buy and purchase the entire series on DVD, you will not be disappointed. Or see the motion picture Serenity which followed the show. Really, it is that good.) But back to "Drive". The show has been on 3 times, that is it. It is so frustrating that for a televsion show to even last a month, or carry out one good storyline it has to immediately grab 15 million viewers. Apparently long gone are the days where a show could actually develop a story. So now we are stuck with a bunch of copy cat shows with former movie stars in them. I mean really, does anyone really want to see Jeff Goldblum?

So, I did say I had several thoughts. Well, here is the second one. At times we are like Fox. We get new employees and we want them to be superstars right off the bat. When it takes them the month of May to round into game shape and start working on their own, we get fidgety and wonder if we made the right hire, and maybe even consider letting them go. But if we keep our senses and allow them to grow into their new position, many times we find that by July we have got some really amazing people working in this industry of ours. Given the opportunity to grow into their new surroundings, new co-workers, and new jobs, our employees can make our jobs much easier and more enjoyable.

And finally the third and final thought. Often our guests play the role of network executives and demand American Idol ratings from every time slot. They don't want to hear that our lodge has only been open for 34 minutes or that our employees were on a plane 6 hours ago just to get here. They want those employees pulled from the lineup and banished to the 2am timeslot on Tuesday mornings.

So where does that leave us? Well, we have to juggle things. On one hand we need to allow our employees plots to develop while occasionally giving them a famous guest starring appearance to get them through sweeps week. And in our left hand we need to assure our guests that substandard ratings will not be allowed to continue for too long. In the process often pointing out the ratings winner we have working in the dining room or gift shop already.

So what did I learn from Fox's quick pull of a cool show? I learned that tv may not be as bad for you as your parents told you. I learned that I sometimes you need to have patience and sometimes you need to ask for patience. And lastly, I learned that we all get jipped out of some really good television every year.

I hope you enjoyed this little rant of mine. I'd love to hear your thoughts on some of your past tv favorites that expired tragically too early. And please check out Firefly. You won't be sorry.

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Comment by Rick Peterson on April 26, 2007 at 3:38pm
I am the Hotel Services Manager at the beautiful Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge. It is a 460 room property located in Alaska inside of Denali State Park. We are right next to Mt. McKinley or Talkeetna if you are looking at a map.

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