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Yes! There is sun in Juneau... I know 'cause I saw it today :0). I hear the King Salmon are coming in... time to go fishing... The sailboats are out also. I think they are sooo cool because many here live on them. It can be a comfortable (and inexpensive) home, transportation, and the ticket to many tasty fishies. Often one doesn't even need fuel because the wind does the work for you.... a great concept. "Live, Laugh, Love".... I don't know who said that but they were right. Cheers...Scootr p.s. Am I right that Coolworks was started in 1997? If so, I am a serious veteran for I started using Coolworks in 1999. Awsome...

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Comment by Eric Lund on May 2, 2007 at 1:29pm
Yo Bill! I hit 6 years in March!

; )
Comment by akscootr on May 2, 2007 at 10:02am
"Whodathunk" that it would literally change my life? In '99, I was still a hard-core Marine at heart... then I met the russians that I considered enemies while working @ Yellowstone. Now I admire them greatly and I have learned much from them. I even prefer dating them over American women...
I went to my first Rainbow family gathering at the end of my '99 Yellowstone season (at a friend's suggestion) and now I am as much a "hippie", for lack of a better term, as a Marine. What a wierd combo :0).
But my mind has really opened up... I feel free as never before... you are THE MAN for thinking of Coolworks. Cheers.....
Comment by CoolWorks® on May 2, 2007 at 7:15am
Hey Scott,

You ARE a veteran. I started noodling the Cool Works idea in January of '95, started working full time on it in June, and started asking employers to help with the bills on November 1st.

It's the longest I've ever had the same job. Kinda scary. Kathi just hit her 10 year mark, Eric is at 5, Patty is at 7 and Kari just started a month and a half ago.

Who'd a thunk?

Thanks for helping us to make it work.


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