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I was inspired today to blog on a previous blog that yours truly wrote called Instant Classics. I had to tape Sense and Sensibility on Masterpiece Theater for my wife tonight. As I perused my pile of video tapes (why is it so hard to keep VHS tapes organized?) I found a prospect for recording. It had an old episode of Heroes on it. Just as I was about to switch it off and set up the timer I saw a blurb across the bottom of Heroes for the Series Premiere of Journeyman. This caught my attention because Journeyman was my absolute favorite new show of 2007.

Journeyman stars the wonderful Kevin McKidd (Lucius Vorenus from HBO's Rome and rumored to be Thor in the future Thor movie) as a reporter from San Francisco who suddenly starts leaping back in time for some reason. Each time he journeys back he tracks a person who he needs to help. It is sort of Quantum Leap-ish, but more realistic, better acted, and all around awesome. It also stars one of my favorite actresses that nobody has heard of, Moon Bloodgood. How awesome is her name?

Anyway, I almost missed Sense and Sensibility because I watched the entire Journeyman episode. It was better than I had even remembered. I hit stop and rewind and felt really good, then really bad. My pals at NBC decided not to renew Journeyman after the writers strike. Apparently they don't have room for an innovative, creative, well-written and acted show on their schedule. Why do that when you can play more Deal or No Deal, My Dad is Better than Your Dad, Celebrity Apprentice, and a 467th season of ER. (Sorry all you ER fans, I used to like the show but it has seriously jumped the shark.) I get so frustrated when networks pull a show after one season, or sometimes just a few episodes, but it does not instantly have a huge fanbase. Heaven forbid that a network just look at putting on the best shows possible. Good thing they cancelled that Seinfeld show after it tanked in its first season. Oh wait....

I hate to speak for society, but I will here. Why are we so obsessed with instant gratification? If something takes a little effort (see my earlier blog about those people who can't return their shopping carts) or if it takes some time, we too often throw in the towel and look for something else that is easier. We are losing our sense of patience at an alarming rate. I am as bad as anyone some times. I went to the store the other day and bought a soda, some cough drops, and a book. I walked to the row of 30 cashiers and scanned for the shortest line. Got in line and then was inwardly furious when I saw the line next to me moving a half second faster than my choice. How could I choose the wrong line like that? Then the person in front of me took a while getting her stuff out of her cart. And again I started to fume. Then I stepped back and wanted to punch myself. These 2 "delays" set me back maybe 2 minutes. So what? I'm not that important where 2 minutes is worth being upset and mad at someone. Nobody's 2 minutes is worth more anger and frustration.

This site is full of people getting ready to start a new job. You have spent a lot of time filling out applications and deciding where you want to work. If you were lucky enough to get hired you are probably packing, or dreaming of packing right now. Planning out travel arrangements and building a mental image of what your entire summer is going to be like. I urge you to have patience with your new job. At some point something is going to happen that isn't according to plan. Don't let a moment of frustration cause you to abandon a job and head home. Don't pull your summer job off the lineup before its true following can develop. Make sure you give your summer adventure the chance it deserves. I have seen people get very upset over a 2 day span because one thing doesn't go right and they leave. I've spoken with some of them months later and they regret acting too quickly and expecting everything to be perfect every time. Make sure you give your job, your employer, and yourself a chance to work through the good and the bad times of your new job and see it through to the end. Not every job can be an instant classic. Have patience and let your summer develop. Sometimes you have to grow with it for a week or a month, and before you know it you have a classic summer full of memories to savor.

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Comment by James Beck on April 7, 2008 at 9:14am
Did you happen to see any of "The Black Donnelys" when it aired? It was the best thing on t.v. at that time i thought. It got canceled before the end of the first season because NBC had come out with "The Real Wedding Crashers".. wow

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