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I make lists. All the time.
MY INTENSELY LONG LIFE LIST: (in no specific order)
Fall in true love.
Birth/Adopt/Foster a child.
Build my own home.
Conquer my fears.
Learn how to ride a bicycle.
Shower in a waterfall.
Ride a roller coaster and not vomit.
Go to another country.
Have a star named after me.
Donate blood.
Have one of those movie kisses in the rain.
Climb a mountain.
Change the world in some way.
Hang out with the bums and the under belly of civilization.
Tell my friends, family, and enemies how I feel about them.
Write my manifesto.
Destroy something beautiful.
Break a corrupt business.
Change a life.
Spend a week in bed with someone I love.
Make my parents proud.
Make myself proud.
Live in a Yurt.
Be off the grid.
Become a local somewhere.
Sit on my porch and watch things happen with the love of my life.
Be on that same porch, with kids, music, and laughter.
Send a message in a bottle.
Spend a whole day looking for four leaf clovers.
Go to an opera.
Solve a rubix cube without moving the stickers.
Immerse myself in the riot-folk culture.
Live in a commune.
Get into better shape.
Go to space.
Discover something no one else has.
Touch something/one untouched.
See something/one unseen.
Feel something/one unfelt.
Hear something/one unheard.
Taste something/one untasted.
Love something/one unloved.
Talk with a nun.
Be in a film.
Speak words of wisdom to my grandchildren.
Never sell out.
Nor buy in.
Live simplistically.
Watch a volcano erupt.
See the pyramids.
Watch a tornado happen.
Be able to name many constellations.
Save someone’s life.
Go in a hot air balloon.
Help/see an animal giving birth.
Build a tree house, and sleep in it often.
Learn how to cook.
Learn how to play harmonica like my papa.
Hop a train.
Live on an island.
Never do ’office’ work.
Invent something useful.
Stop being medicated.
Have one of those nights you don’t want to end go far beyond expectations.
Have a decent record collection.
Quit all bad habits.
Build a lamp.
Meet influential individuals.
Make the perfect snow angel with no hand/foot print.
Learn how to crochet something other than scarves.
Finish all the projects I’ve started.
Become fluent in a foreign language.
Grow my hair out long, and give to Locks Of Love.
Get a hug from a Sumo-Wrestler.
Have my son learn piano.
Have my daughter learn ballet.
Write my own vows.
Have an enormous book collection.
Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
Take my mom on a cruise.
Go on a Buddhist retreat with my dad.
Break something really expensive on purpose.
Stay at a 24-hour restaurant for 24 hours.
Go to a drive-in.
Make the best mailbox on the street.
Write love letters from afar.
Watch the sunrise on the east coast and sun set on the west coast.
Exit out your second floor window because of snow.
Make an igloo.
Go see the Elliott Smith tribute wall in California.
Scuba dive.
Bury a treasure with a map that ’X’ marks the spot then hide the map for someone to find years later.
Do more good than I do wrong.
Carve something out of stone.
Save a hunk of natural landscape.
Drink Tea at a real tea party in a tea garden.
Make my own syrup.
Tip a waiter/waitress a tip that would change their life.
Watch someone die peacefully.
Be more aggressive.
Take a random bus, not knowing where its going.
Have a romantic candlelit dinner at least once.
Milk a cow.
Greaten my stone skipping ability.
Walk across a frozen lake.
Live in Canada.
Live in Iceland.
Trust someone fully.
Lose my reputation.
Learn how to blow glass.
Shop at Bangkok’s floating market.
Graffiti something important and well seen.
Win a prize from a claw machine game.
Scream my lungs out from the top of a mountain.
Feel and embrace nirvana, the unexplainable high I long for.

And many many many more things....

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Comment by akscootr on April 10, 2008 at 11:23am
Serious list... :0) I hope you accomplish those dreams
Comment by AlaskaBound! on April 10, 2008 at 11:19am
Wow what an amazing list, Hope you fulfill your dreams and wants. Moving to Alaska is a huge step in the right direction, and I am pretty sure that you can cross some of those things off while you are there!

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