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......I don't know why and I don't know where. All I have wanted
was to fit in, to contribute, to be accepted. I have tried in so
many ways to figure out this life on my own-and I just can't make
sense of so many things. I'm heading out of Shreveport, Louisiana
either Sunday or Monday and I haven't a clue where I'm going-but
I do know I'm heading West. I have no idea why, it's just a feeling having gas :)

I do know this place called Shreveport is nothing but filth and the
lack of care and compassion for anything and anyone here is too much
for me to stay.

Oh yes, how do you get fired from a position as Technical Trainer-for being 'too technical'?
That one really has me in a downward spiral still-and just might
change my entire outlook on everything...see how the little things
can make such a dramatic impact.

This 'focus on me' thing is still too difficult for me to grasp-it
has never been about me. I truly have tried-I don't communicate
with anyone, I observe the life I'm a part of and just focus on me
and only me-never trying to mess it up by including a woman into
the equation(no offense)..... Guess what-I still can't figure it out
...and I certainly to this day would never try to include those pigs
known as men into my life.

So what is the answer? So what is the equation? Whatever! I will

now take who I am and what I represent and head West-I will venture
to an open area of the desert where there are no people and no-anything
.....lay down in the hot sun-and take a nap for a while.

....and when I wake up everything will be different?
....and when I wake up everything will be better?
....and when I wake up...........?

Wish me luck.....

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Comment by Steve on April 13, 2008 at 9:55pm
If your not in to the hospitality industry try the mines in North-East Navada very good money also doing a lot of hiring now start pay $19.00/hr with safty bonus. Gold hit a $1000.00/oz and expected to go as high as $1500.00/oz so they are doing a lot of mining. If mining not your thing try the gas fields in Wyoming even better money start pay is $25.00/hr and lots of overtime. Montana has more mining on the west side of the state around Butte. Not all mines are under ground some are open. Idaho lots of new houses being build. Colorado Lots of new industry being building. Don't be fooled by the California dreams, and Oregon has nothing to offer.
Good luck out West.

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