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So there's only two weeks left down here in sunny Wickenburg. Our last guest day is on May 1, but we'll have a few days of clean up after. I've pretty much decided what I'll keep and what I'll working on what I'll mail ahead, what I'll carry, and this time what I'll leave here. I'm definitely coming back to the Kay El Bar next season. I'm thinking about making it my winter base...I wasn't all too thrilled with the ski resort life...and I loved missing out on the real COLD.

I'm not moving into Vergennes, Vermont until May 30th, so I have some time to explore. A few of my co-workers are heading down to the beach in Mexico for a couple of days. I've never really been a laying around the beach guy though.

I'm leaving on the 6th, flying a quick hop to Vegas. I'm not much of a gambler, well, not when it comes to REAL money. I've never been there, so I thought I'd check it out and check it off my list. One afternoon I'll spend in the Adventuredome and I might check out the zoo, or the Liberace museum the other day. Then I'm catching the Greyhound to the Los Angeles Amtrak station.

I've taken the train a couple of times and found it an interesting way to travel...from Chicago to New York...from Seattle to Milwaukee. This time it will be one of three...oops, four legs...on the Southwest Chief from LA to Chicago. I'll be staying at the HI-Chicago, been there before, it's a nice place close to the Buckingham fountain. I haven't been to the Shedd, or the Planetarium yet so that's on my list, and then I might go to the Museum of Science and Industry. I haven't been there in a couple of decades.

Then I'll spend a couple of days up in Oshkosh, b'gosh... Catch up with a few old friends...I'll laugh at them because there still working the same jobs that they found dull and boring...they'll laugh at me because because I'm not "stable" and I can fit all of my life's belongings into a couple of large backpacks if I wanted.

Then a couple of nights up in DePere, visiting mom and a couple of sisters. Then it's the bus back down to Chicago, where I switch back to the train and head to Washington, DC. I'm staying at a hostel not far from the mall for a few days. Plan on hitting several of the museums and monuments. Taking in a ballgame. I heard the new stadium for the Nationals was built using "green" tech, so I think I'll stop by. They're playing the Brewers that evening.

Then it's a trip on the Acela Express. Amtrak's jewel high-speed train up to Boston. Only business and first class tickets, but each seat has outlets for laptops or video players. It supposedly averages 150 mph. I haven't decided which stops I'll hit in Boston. I'm going to be there in the fall when I'm heading back so I'll probably wing it.

A regular train back to New York. Last time I stayed there was in the Chelsea neighborhood. This time it will be in the Upper West near Central Park. Other than the park and probably the American Museum of Natural History...maybe the Met?... I'm taking a couple of courses at the ICE...the Institute of Culinary Education. Both of the classes are on wine and I've wanted to increase my knowledge instead of just knowing what I like. Oh...I'll have to stop by Murray's...yeah, a cheesehead from Wisconsin that is going to spend the summer Vermont needs to stop in the greatest cheese store in Greenwich village.

Then I'll fly from JFK to Burlington, Vermont. Someone from the Basin Harbor Club is going to meet me there and give me a lift to Vergennes.

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Comment by Mark Prince on April 22, 2008 at 12:34pm
Keith- Great post and safe travels to you. I had to laugh when I read the above paragraph as my friends and family think that I am going to be unstable as I sell off my furniture etc. to head out and once again work seasonal after a 10 year as people would say real job that only makes me miserable.
Heading out here in a few weeks for Jenny Lake Lodge in the Tetons and cant wait to get out of Denver and start the summer.
Have a great summer.

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