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I received a postcard in the mail yesterday. It was a picture taken of Summit Lake. Granted, the entire picture resembles a serene watercolor of white and blue, washing together, with hints of spring on the way. You can't see the lake, it's completely covered by snow. You can't see the lodge either. But in some way, it's nice to get a "glimpse" of what will be home for the next four months. I put it on my fridge, to remind me for the next two weeks that this will all be worth it.

I started revising, adding, and deleting to my packing list that I started a month ago, and haven't touched since. I think I finally have it narrowed down. I've found that it's hard to decide exactly what to pack, for several reasons.

1) Climbing- I will be making a point to go climbing in Alaska, so this means that I must bring ALL my gear...rope, harness, shoes, chalk bag, caribiners, slings, quickdraws, belay device, helmet, rope bag (doubles as a tarp for under tent), clothing, first aid kit
2) Hiking/Camping-this means tent, sleeping bag, shoes, and many layers of clothing
3) Kayaking/Rafting-Looking into rentals/used would be great to wake up everyday and go kayaking. This means that I may or may not bring my PFD and helmet...the decisions, the decisions I tell you!
4) Biking-there is NO way I am bringing one with me. Perhaps I can pick a used one up in Anchorage and pass it along when the season is over
5) It's raining ALL week at the lodge. This means I need a waterproof jacket, and probably gloves, hat, and scarf. I know there is still snow up there, with probably more to come!

This list could go on, but to make my point simple, Alaska is full of so much adventure, and trying to plan for the unexpected causes OVERPACKING! I've said it, and I will have to deal with the consequences. I either overpack, and deal with the stupidity of doing so, or I don't, then wish I had, but knowing if I had, I would have been left back at scenario A-dealing with the stupidity of overpacking.

Alas, I have 13 days left to figure this stuff out. Okay, technically I have 13 days, but if you count the following:
Friday-Dentist Checkup and Cleaning/Grad Application/Work @4-9
Saturday-Comstock Chili Cookoff in Virginia City (All Day)-great pictures to be had!, work at 5-9
Sunday-work 11-7; burn music to computer
Monday-Work 8-4; burn music to computer, compile recipes
Tuesday-Chiropractor at 2:30; Class final 7-10; work on BUS speech
Wednesday-Work 8-4;burn music to computer, compile recipes
Thursday-Laundry; Shopping List; Finish Speech; Class (speeches due); burn music to computer, compile recipes
Friday-Day-initial packing for Alaska, unpacking, and repacking for weekend camping trip; Camping at Lovers Leap
Saturday-1000' Multi Pitch Trad lead up Hogsback at Lovers Leap; camping at Lover's Leap
Sunday-Shopping, Laundry; burn music to computer, compile recipes; clean house
Monday-Packing; Dinner with Mom at Zagols (MMMMMM, Ethiopian food ROCKS YOUR SOCKS OFF!)
Tuesday-Come to my senses and REPACK; burn music to computer, compile recipes
Wednesday-Hang out with some friends and relax, maybe go play tourist for the day and do stuff I won't get to do for awhile-Pegs for breakfast? Archies for a beer?
Thursday-Flight leaves to Anchorage at 10:30 am

I'm really working on borrowed time here! I think I'm in the negatives when it comes to time! With that being said, I'm off to get some sleep...what a waste of time THAT is:)

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