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It is 10:35AM on a Sunny morning, temps will be about 70 degrees today... not a cloud in the sky. I'm sitting here in my "cubicle", in the office of a large insurance company, responding to people's "i need this.. can you set up this meeting... how do you do this...". And i think to myself, that if any of these people really knew what was so important in life, they probably wouldn't be here. But yet they are all blinded by big bucks. Sometimes I sit here and wonder and think about my life at 26 years old. Is it really worth having all that extra money to be miserable by 40 years old? To have more gray hairs at 40 than a 60 year old does? (sorry - just got interrupted by a question about sending a fax). I dont make alot of money, but i get by and i'm paying my bills off. I have job security, health insurance, 4 weeks paid vacation, and can work from home when I need to. I also have love handles, a little "spare tire" and am so exhausted when i get home from work because i do NOTHING active all day long.

So my plan is... enjoy my 2 beach vacations this year... maybe a trip back to savannah to visit my old friends later in the year.. collect my bonus check next year in march... and then let my hair down (its actually really short, but u get the point), quit this job, and go experience LIFE and what the world has to offer.

Its scary to think about but exciting. So, while yall are in Montana, Alaska, Wyoming or some other state RIGHT NOW, looking at the mountains, working for a "not so great" paycheck, hiking, fishing, or one of the other many things you could be doing, please remember that there's at least one person this very second who is jealous of you and can't wait to be there next year.

Hope yall have a great season!

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Comment by reggiecohen on February 13, 2009 at 11:11pm
and some people think were stupid for doing this
Comment by Catherine on February 13, 2009 at 11:08pm
Jason, this summer is going to be amazing.
Kiss that cubicle goodbye.
Comment by Karen on May 18, 2008 at 11:01pm
I took me getting laid off from a job after 20 years to even think about doing what I wanted to do. Yes, I was 49 when I sold my house and all my stuff, bought a travel trailer and went down the road with my husband. My kids were all grown, and they think it is a great thing for us to do. My mother and most of my siblings and friends think I am crazy. I simply do not want to be the old woman, sitting in my rocker, wishing I had done SOMETHING to remember. I AM doing those things, now.

We are working for the National Park Service in temporary seasonal jobs this year, at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. At almost 55 years old, I am not the oldest person here. And, there are lots of people in their mid 20's. Jump in there, don't be afraid of anything except regretting that you never did it.
Comment by Jason Kemple on May 15, 2008 at 6:01pm
Sounds like we are all one of a kind people who just realized that the normal day to day bullshit isn't for us! Glad to know there's other people out there who were or are in the same situation as me!
Comment by Ryan & Nicole on May 14, 2008 at 10:49am
Wow! You basically hit how I’ve felt for awhile right on the head. I’m also 26, and have found that my idea of the “American dream” is very different from the mass majority of people. The story of my “quarter-life crisis” is posted as a blog on myspace. You are defiantly not alone. Ryan and I can’t wait to sell everything, and start “our dream”. We felt unconnected to other people for a while, as most people we talk to about our plans think we are nuts. Coolworks has really given us the courage to go for our dreams. Thanks everyone!
Comment by akscootr on May 13, 2008 at 8:44pm
Please see my blog about the fruit orchard lady... do you want to be like her? LIVE!!!
Comment by Nicholle on May 13, 2008 at 5:21pm
I have to say that I have been EXACTLY where you are. It has never been a part of me to long for material possessions...never actually even want to own a house...I did the "go to college, get a degree (TWO actually) and do "what's right." But what is right? It's hard to do what YOU want to do, because there will ALWAYS be someone who you let down...I've decided that what I want to do is much more important than what I THINK the right thing to do is (these ideas of "shoulds" stem from much pressure from those around us who are just content in living the 9-5 good paycheck job). I believe that I can see myself working a seasonal job for 4 months, travel for 2-4, work another seasonal job, and travel again...I think I could live with that revolving cycle. Unlike your typical job, I don't think it would ever become mundane, because I would always be somewhere new.

All I can say, is bite the bullet, get through it, and eventually you will be where YOU want to be. I used to have my whole life planned out...Not anymore. Granted, things I have always wanted to accomplish are being accomplished, just not according to the timeline I made. But you know what, that's ok! I would hate to die tomorrow, without really living.

Good luck, keep working hard, and WE BETTER see you out there next summer! No excuses!

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