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I have lived in Washington all of my life and I love my state so much. For people I have met that live outside of Washington I am such a huge promoter of it I have totally managed to get some people to move here. Despite my deep love for Washington (or western washington I should say, sometimes I wonder if eastern Washington is an entirely different state), I still want to see the world and travel. I'm am pretty frightened for this summer, where I'll be working in Wyoming at my second job ever, not just second seasonal job, but second job. I am young, I've only just about completed my first year of college and I've lived with the Puget Sound to the west of me and the Cascades to the east of me all my life. I've been to Yellowstone before six years ago and I loved it there, but I have never been to the Tetons which is closest to where I'm working. I am definetely frightened to be going someplace that's so different from what I know. I am ready though, to take that step. My heart has been yearning for an adventure and if I wasn't so scared it wouldn't be as much of one. I have a strong feeling that I'm going to spend quite a bit of my life travelling, and I think these next three months away from home will help me gain the independence I need to push myself to do it. I have so many dreams and I want to go so many places. It's almost summer, my dreams are now loftier than ever. I have such a tie to the place where I grew up, it's going to be hard to let go, but I think it's time to wean myself away from it so I can accomplish my dreams. My heart will always be in Washington though. No words can express the feeling of seeing Mt. Rainier again after a long time away from home or the joy I feel walking along the beaches on the sound or even just that feeling of being surrounded by such bright wonderful greenness. Being away from home will make it that much sweeter, I'm sure. Here's a poem I wrote in the midst of my first seasonal job, I think it describes how I've been feeling lately pretty well.

Rocky behemonths fill the world with grandeur
Snakey azul and vast expanse grant life
Where is life?
The heart beats for the lost unknown
Tainted with gray and heat and smell
Is this life?
Everything is, regardless though we yearn
For purity.
Flaws make things perfect, nothing is clear
Thought creates though, reaching far beyond
The reaches of the atmosphere
Of this world.
New frontiers are at hand, but current
Frontiers reach out to me now.
Experience. Nonexistent now, but it fills slowly.
To learn a new way of life
To see a life not known
To feel an environment soak in the skin
To give a gift that can be given
A piece of my yearning, my love, my heart.
The gifts we give each other...
Are worth everything and nothing.
There is no price for a filled gauge of experience.

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Comment by james on January 2, 2009 at 8:45pm
Hey. So where are you working in Wyoming? Im going to be at Mammoth Hot Springs. This is going to be my first time heading out west and i cant wait. Im from south Jersey so this is gonna be a nice change. Its gonna be awesome!

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