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Will I have a fun little story to tell for the begining of the season. It all started when I told my daughter that I had to be to work on Friday the 24th of May and she said that thursday was the 24th. So I left for Jackson on what I thought was the 23rd all seem to go well I got to Jackson late that night. I woke up the next morning at the Anvile which was right across the street from were I had to catch the bus to Jenny Lake Lodge at 8:30am. In the rain and under a big fir tree I'm waiting for the bus and right on time the Jenny Lake employee bus shows up some people jump in while I'm walking up to the bus. When I get to the window the driver asks if I'm Steve I reply yes I am with an reply back good we've been wait for you to show up, throw your stuff in and lets get going. So I throw my bags in the bus and off we go. I listen to the converation in the bus about the night before and ask a good question, do all you live in Jackson and ride the bus every day to work ooya they say. I start thinking to my self and ask why don't they live in the staff houseing they quickly laugh and say there is no staff houseing. I said that GTLC has a cabin for me and start thinking that maybe I was lied to about houseing. I am qickly informed that this bus is for Jenny lake Marina employee's at the boat docks oono what have I got my self into. So they call thier boss and tell him the problem and he gives them the OK to take me to Jenny Lake Lodge and that I owe him a breakfast (one I still owe) I said anything just get me to the lodge. So when we get to the lodge the gate is closed. I grab my stuff and throw it to the side of the road and walk in. Not a sole around because I'm a day early. Thinking that I'm going to have to hitch hike back to town the Gen. Manager and the Assistant Manager show up and get me set up in my cabin. Then the Chef shows up and everything is a little better. We go out to eat and start work the next day and haven't had a day off since. There is a up side to this story I found a 1kt dimond ring is Salt Lake City, and I made the Sous Chef position.

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Comment by jefferson on June 11, 2008 at 1:21pm
great story!!! how come u never told me this!!!???lol..see ya at dinner tonight man!
Comment by jeff on June 10, 2008 at 6:28am
hey steve...great my eyes,thats part of the great adventures that comes with the unknown of making a deal and showing up blind in a the end,people worked with you...not against a laugh at your situation and in the got the last laugh....

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