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Last Plane from the South Pole Feb 24th then nothing til Oct or Nov!

February 4th 2007


February 24th is the last plane out of here, and no mail in or out until October, now they are saying maybe November 1st 2007 is when we leave …. Yeah they tell us that after we sign our winter contracts….ha ha ha ah …. We can leave anytime before February 24th if we are having doubts!

It’s Sunday evening 6pm, I slept in today until 7am but stayed in bed until 10am… that felt good, I showered and washed laundry. I also needed to arrange my room from the R&R trip I took to McMurdo two weeks ago.

When I was offered the winter position of Food Production and Green house or rather the “South Pole Food Growth Chamber” I was sent to McMurdo for one week of R&R/ vacation. While my coworker and friend Kari was gone on her R&R I stayed in her room.

She lives in the station and I am out in the “Summer Camp” James ways… Unfortunately while you are on R&R you must clear out your room, due to the shortage of bed space and there is a chance a scientist or important visitor may end up in your room.

It was nice to stay in Kari’s room, when I got home from work I was able to spend more time in the green house and didn’t have to bundle up and walk back to my quarters.

I will transfer to my new sometime around Feb. 17th, I must learn the ropes on my own time until then….My supervisor is stubborn and stingy with my time! And says we are too busy to let me go any sooner than the 17th….she is the green house volunteer attendant during summer….but she doesn’t have to deal with the mechanical room and computers and pumps and pipes and hoses like I will this winter!!!!!…. She just plants and harvests…. She had no idea I am to be responsible for the mechanical room this winter.

So I make phone calls to the University of Arizona my winter support and the one girl, Katie who is the volunteer during summer in the mechanical room.…. This is a huge help!

During the summer the growth chamber is operated by volunteer’s only, I’m not sure why… one would think summer would be the time they’d need a full time tech.

This job is split between greenhouse 70% and kitchen 30%, I can help with baking, and preparing food, cleaning, and food pull from the dome… I’ll be very busy and happy to know I will be pretty much on my own too….

Here are a few pic’s of the green house from last years journal.

Below is the entrance to the chamber from the first floor hallway, they made the front room/ or the hobby room into a lounge, very homey. I can’t wait to decorate this space… Zondra Skertich guard mailed me some butterflies from McMurdo which I want to hang in the green house.

Below is the mechanical room where the computer, plumbing, chemicals, etc. are kept. This room is next to the growth chamber. Dennis is rinsing his sprouts… he's back for this winter too.

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