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I have almost two full weeks under my belt working for Xanterra at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial Park.
The Xanterra staff could not be more helpful nor supportive. I am working with some really nice people both retired and those from other countries. I found out real quick that I have gotten out of shape in the year I have been retired. So it is taking some time to toughen up to the standing on my feet for 8 hours. But I do enjoy talking with people that come into the gift shop. I am thinking about going to another Xanterra park and work for the winter. I will wait for that decision for later on.

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Comment by Barb on August 25, 2008 at 5:58pm
Enjoyed reading about your adventure. I applied for Mt Rushmore for next summer, my first venture with Xanterra and excited about it, even though it is to early for them to let me know if I'll be working out there. Am thinking about working this fall and will ponder it a few more days. I retired at 53 years so now will be productive in an entirely different lifestyle. You still have a month to go, how are you doing?
Comment by Keith Larson on June 15, 2008 at 2:27pm
Hi Sue, I'm happy to see everything seems to be going well. Keep up with the updates...
Comment by Sue on June 15, 2008 at 10:10am
I am thinking about going to Death Valley. Xanterra has the concession there and if they have not met their quota I will ask for a transfer. I need to get through this one up here first. It will end about mid Oct. If I don't do something stupid and get let go. It is a "at will" contract. But to answer your question, I got on Xanterra's web page. Look for the tab of "Find Job" click on that, at the bottom of that drop down is "apply online" First look to see where/what parks they have and where you might like to go then apply for that position. They give you three choices of what you think you would like to do. I went with Gift Shop, Driver, Secruity, but now I know I don't want to baby sit those kids and keep them quiet during the night. So the last one is out. They have dorms at most of the parks for those that do not have RV's. I have an RV and they are charging me $45 a week for full hookups to park here. That is a good price. They charge the same for the dorms plus $4. for meals. I don't know if that is each meal or by the day. Some things are free such as dry ceral, milk, bread with a toaster and peanut butter, jellies, coffee, fountain drinks. I take my own lunch. you only have 30 min. they have an employees dining room that prepares the meals for the employees. I did not say the food was great but you can find something you can eat. They take those that do not have a car into town to shop once a week. So all in all it is a good deal. When you add it all up you are making more than the $7.25 an hour that they pay. I like it here and it all depends on your attitude toward adaptability. HR called within 10 days of my application. I applied for seasonal this first time. I don't want to work year around. Start seasonal, just get your foot in the door first. If I can help more let me know. Lucks of Luck. I hope this helps
Comment by Margret Spears on June 15, 2008 at 9:25am
How long did it take after you applied to get an offer for a job? And where do you think you would like to work during the winter? I have applied to serveral places for full time and not heard back from any, maybe I need to put seasonal instead. If you have any pointers let me know, I need all the help I can get.

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