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Had a neighbor from my hometown in Minnesota and his nephew visit yesterday. Jack worked a summer in the park back in '81. Chris, the nephew, had never been to Yellowstone before. That's always good for us locals because we get to show off the park, which otherwise is just out there, and I don't get out there enough.

We drove out to Tower in the late afternoon - saw some critters and all of that scenery. Spent some time watching a black bear on the Petrified Tree road. Yakked with the rangers at Tower and caught up with my wife. Liberated Sula from the house out there which gave her just enough time to roll in some gooey bison poo (ugh), even while tied up, then headed out to Lamar to see what we could see.

LOTS of bison calves at Little America Flats. An amazing and inspiring scene. A few antelope. A few deer. Cruised to Lamar and didn't see any Big Dogs but there was a squall moving through, the whole look and feel was great, and lots of bison out there in Lamar Valley looking all perfect and wild - as it should be. What a great thing that our predecessors had the foresight to protect this place from the trophy homes and condos that would be scattered about had they not.

"We are rich in proportion to that which we can afford to leave alone."

Here Here

Stopped in Lamar Canyon on the way back. I've seen the water higher (the mid-90's were amazing) but the water is fairly high now and it's something to scamper down to the edge of the Lamar River in the canyon and soak it up. You can feel the rumble and the big water pouring through there is impressive.

Saw a mating pair of black bears near Tower on the way back to Gardiner. One was very black and the other cinnamon colored. The word is the cinnamon bear was not the one with the blue eyes I saw last week at Phantom Lake.

The country is wonderfully green. That never lasts around here and certainly will not last this season. The snow has come off quick and early and, unless we score unusual amounts of rain, the country will be crunchy and fire-prone early. Stay tuned.

Took a few pix - but can't find my camera cord to do the virtual darkroom work. It's always something...

Pizza and brew at the KBar to wrap it up. The KBar is always good, and that pizza last night was REALLY good.

Gonna start the day right today with breakfast at the Two Bit. Gotta love Gardiner.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I found my camera cable! Here's a shot of that Bison Nursery at Little America Flats:

Bison Calves

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