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8 Reasons To Heat Up Your Summer Job Search

For most people, summertime is the time to take it easy and just relax and go on vacation. So, does it mean that because everyone else is on a break that you should also take a chill pill on your job search escapades?  Definitely no! Many people hardly realize this, but summer time is actually the time to beef up your hunt for a job. It is the time to jump out there and let potential employers know that you are a competent and attractive candidate each and every person would like to have in their team. The following are reasons to heat up your summer job search;

Your Competition Level Goes Down

For most job seekers, they have the mentality that summer is only a waste of time and as such make very little efforts to go job-hunting. They take time off and jump back to the job searching scenery in September when things start getting back to normal again. Take this as an opportunity and work to your greatest advantage. With the pool of candidates having fewer candidates, you obviously have the chance to stand out and get noticed. So by increasing your efforts and having your job search goals in mind, you will be placing yourself strategically to make a great impact.

Early Fall Is One of The Strongest Hiring Periods

In a similar fashion, as when a school year starts afresh, companies start to gather things together after the slowdown in summer. New initiatives, as well as projects, are brought into the limelight and many times these initiatives will need an extra workforce. Even if you may not get that dream job in July or August, but by making your presence known in summer, you stand a high chance of being the first in line during the call for an interview in September.

Summer Is an Amazing Time to Socialize

You can confirm with me that it is during the summertime that you will witness lots of backyard parties, community events, and gatherings. These are wonderful opportunities to meet and greet and informing others that you are job hunting. As a good number of these events are casual, you do not have to have a rehearsed speech. You can instead plan to use a lighter touch and a line that will irk the interest of your listener.

There Are Many Seasonal and Part-time Opportunities

During summer time, the seasonal and part-time job market opens up and it is at this time that most employers accept applications from candidates whose communication skills are properly honed and possess a mature working ethics. If you have a passion for history or hospitality or even arts, then you could consider going for seasonal jobs in these areas. As much as the income might not be that handsome, but then you can add the experience to your resume and you stand a high position of meeting many potentially useful contacts.    

Your Job Builds Your Resume

The importance of writing a great resume for the purposes of landing yourself your next big job can never be more emphasized. Including summer jobs will greatly contribute to the perfection of your resume. In as much as the job-hunting process might be tedious and boring, adding that job experience to your resume might enable you to get your dream job one day. When that time comes, you will most certainly be grateful. Workshop for writers or writing service can help you to write a great resume.

Even if you manage to get a part-time job, this is a resume builder and will show that you have the ability to learn a skill set in the shortest time. It also shows that you can cooperatively work with other people in a professional setting. Do not disregard the small jobs as they could eventually land you to the career of your dreams. Making connections from the summertime job as a lifeguard to what you would like to do later in life could be difficult and this could need some creativity. However, this will add some sense of meaning to your work life as well as strength to your resume.

You Are Making Money

Who does not love money? Money should be your number one driving force for going out and job hunt in the summer time. Remember the times you were broke. I am certain you do not want to continue that path, so get out there and make yourself some dollars. Remember to maintain great customer care service no matter what job you find. When you do an exemplary job, you earn your employer more money and in turn, you will always be called back whenever there is an opening. This might make you get a permanent position in the company.

As earlier mentioned, the pay might not be really captivating. But remember that so many people are looking for employment and the job market is truly tough. So regardless of the type of job you are doing, have it in mind that you are fortunate to have a job that is paying. Think about the money and you will have the energy to work even if the job is sickening.

Your Colleagues are Amazing

Who does not like to make friends? The summer job you get will certainly increase your pool of friends. Lots of friends mean a great deal as they make so much impact on one’s life. Your summer job will get you colleagues who in turn can be your friends. Your job might not really be pretty, but instead of going to your workplace with a terrible attitude, you can try and enjoy the company of the people you work together with.

Let your colleagues enjoy working together with you. Being an individual who is positive can be infectious in a working environment. Having it in mind that you made someone happy is a great way to get through your work. The job you get might be horrible, but your colleagues do not have to be horrible too. Having a summer job that is horrible can be manageable when you have company to complain together about. Remember the saying that misery loves company? A few qualms are okay, just make sure you do not annoy your colleagues. Try to check their reactions so that you know how to socialize with them.

There are some colleagues who can be horrible and difficult to get along with. At times, it can be really tempting to get back at them, it is, however, important to know that immature behavior might come back to haunt you. Immaturity and cattiness are a thing you should not allow to affect you in your workplace. Try, as much as it may hurt, to turn the other cheek. If the behavior of your colleague becomes unbearable, try talking to your boss or supervisor so as to change the situation or act as a mediator.

All the same, working with such like people is one way of learning how to deal with people you might not like and this is a skill you can take to your next job.


I believe the term networking is not that new to anyone and the importance it has in general. As you work in the summer, remember each job is a chance to network, even though you might not really love the job. Remember to put your best foot forward as you just never know who might be your reference in the coming future. Take advantage of the connections. The employment scene is all about knowing the right people and thus important that these people get impressed by the work you do. Even if you land on a part time job, do not think that the chance to get connections might not present itself and thus offer poor customer service or act lazy. You may never know who you run into as you work. No matter the kind of job you get, always work your best and try to be as impressive as possible.

Introduce yourself and put yourself out there. Be sure to brand yourself in a positive manner. Also, remember to network with your boss or immediate supervisor. Expressing interest in the area you work and an expression that you are willing to learn more is good for personal branding and a great way to impress your bosses as well as potential bosses. Your boss might know of another senior person in the company who might consider you for employment or might introduce you to another person who works in an area of your interest elsewhere and might want to hire.

The above reasons are enough to get you going with your job search during summer. The overall objective is to take total advantage of the professional opportunities as well as the social ones. While making yourself known, present yourself as a candidate who is knowledgeable and enthusiastic in your area of specialization. Remember not to undermine the few opportunities you get as you may never know who you will meet. 

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Comment by Robin Anderson on March 21, 2017 at 4:52am

The summer is a great time for students. They also can find the part-time job. For example, they can work as a freelance writer and write term papers on order or pet-sitter, if you like animals so much.

Comment by Mike on March 4, 2017 at 7:13am

Good info. thanks!

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