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A Week in the Life Summer 2015 - Day 2

This morning I decided to walk downtown to catch a ferry over to St Ignace.  It's the small town on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the northern point of the Mackinac Bridge.  There are also ferries that go to the lower peninsula, that town is Mackinaw City.  First, I went to the shoreline where Market Street intersects and watched some of the yachts arriving.  There is a major freshwater lake race happening that began in Chicago on Saturday and ends on Mackinac Island.  The Chicago to Mackinac Island Yacht Race is in it's 107th year.

I caught the Star Line Ferry at 9am and my first stop in the town was the Museum of Ojibwa Culture and Marquette Mission Park.  It's a small museum, but it has some interesting exhibits and a nice gift shop.  Father Marquette, the Jesuit missionary and explorer is buried here.  I prefer the smaller marble statue here over the statue in Marquette Park on Mackinac Island.  Not only because it is marble, but the likeness is probably much much closer.

I wanted to get a fast food fix.  It's a bit of a walk, but made it over the McDonald's.  There is also a Burger King, Subway and Big Boy for the big names.  It's always amazing how fast food joints become special when it's not near you several times a day.

I walked over to the small bowling lanes in the city that I have seen a billboard advertising.  I was just going to check the condition, size, costs of open bowling, etc....but they are not open on Mondays.

A short walk back to the main road brought me to the Family Dollar.  I picked up a few items and went next door to the grocery store.  I didn't pick up much today.  I have brought over a rolling duffel bag to fill a couple of times.  I wandered back towards the main Star Line dock, but first walked along the boardwalks along Lake Huron, picked up an Arizona tea at the gas station, looked through the small local drugstore and Ace Hardware.

When I got by the ferry, I decided to keep walking since I haven't been this direction.  Ok...I went in and used the restroom first... I found a couple of small shops in between small hotels and motels with a couple of scattered eateries thrown in the mix.  I stopped at Bessie's Homemade Pasties, one of the small family digs specializing in that northwoods, and mines, specialty...the Pasty.  I ordered a Vegie Pasty plate...with gravy and side of coleslaw.  It was yummy.  They have one that's called the has to be the size of an entire pie.

I then walked back to the ferry dock, and caught the 4:30.  On our trip back, there was a line of sailboats from the Bridge to the island.  I walked over to Windermere Point and watched a few more yachts finish the race.  I then walked over to the Post Office and on the way back home, I took Algonquin Road behind the Grand Hotel and walked behind the cottages on West Bluff.  Here, many of the residences have their own carriages and horses.  I know I have seen a couple of Fresians back here previously...magnificent creatures.

As I was walking down Annex Road back towards Greenshed, I noticed several newish flowers blooming.  Sometimes you don't catch these when zooming by on your bicycle.

I was thinking about going to the Movie theatre at Mission Point.  On Mondays the 8 pm showing is open for $5.  But I have laundry to get done, and will probably be sleeping by 10...  Tomorrow I start work at 11, and I'll be done when the fudge is done.  I'm planning on hitting the Health Club first, but it's only penciled in...  I'm off again on Wednesday.

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Comment by Nancy B. on November 20, 2015 at 4:39pm

I've just finished catching up on your blog posts.  Your writing/life experiences are very grounding for me.  Thank you!  If I had any talent, I'd try to do the same for you.

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