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John Michaels has been involved in the radio industry since 1982 . But long before that , at the age of only 10 years old , while other kids favorite heroes were Superman , Batman , The Green Hornet and charachters like that , John's heroes were people like WolfMan Jack , Dick Clark , Kasey Kasem , Shadoe Stevens , Arnie "WOO WOO" Ginsberg and others like that !

Years later he went to a broadcasting school to learn how to do his trade well. When he received his certificate of completion in broadcasting training he then applied for a Federal Broadcasters license which allows him to speak on air in a licensed Radio Station anywhere in the continental United States of America.

The next step obviously was seeking out radio work. In a small northern New Hampshire town John started his first job as an oldies DJ for WNNH Oldies 99.1 FM and to this day , the oldies of course are one of John Michaels favorites because thats where he got his start.

After a long period of time with this station , John became unsatisfied with the pay and the rules that were beginning to form in FM radio and decided to try his hand at live performances as a Mobile DJ. This proved to be a very successful move for him ! He moved up the chain of well known DJs quickly in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire . Playing for nightclubs , weddings , anniversaries , reunions , retiements , holiday parties , you name the party , HE DID IT !

John Michaels became THE DJ to book when you had a party , and before he knew it had over 800 functions to his credit ! in 2002 John decided to make a move to New York State , and with him went all the knowledge , experience he had gained and of course the music he had acquired over 20 years ! It was there in New York that John realized he had to start all over making a name for himself again because no one in New York had ever heard of him . So . . .looking for work , John went back to what he knew the best . . . .MUSIC.

A smaller but well known FM radio station in the area was the beginning for John Michaels in New York. He took on at first , part time , getting whatever hours they offered him to earn a pay . Most of the hours offered were hours no one wanted at first , but then a new program manager came in and immediatley noticed John's potential and started using him in the production room . When he saw that John could work the production like a Pro as well as being a on air jock, and that John knew what he was doing , John was offered a Prime Time afternoon shift 6 days a week. This lasted only until John Michaels saw that FM radio was all the same , no matter what state you went to , they had the same rules , the same non caring attitude about people.

John Michaels knows without one slight doubt in his mind that PEOPLE are why FM radio is so popular today ! The problem is that FM radio doesnt know it ! They have forgotten where they come from , how they got to be such a big huge industry. John hasnt forgotten , John left the FM radio once again ! But this time , there was a new door opening ! Technology had opened the door to what we know now as Internet Streaming Radio ! An answer to FM Radio leaving their listeners in the dirt for corporate America and the almighty dollar ! John seized this opportunity and started his very own Internet Radio station , running it the way he knew radio should be run . . . . .for the people !

Today that station stands tall and is becoming well known. It is a member of the Chamber of Commerce . John is not only on air on his own radio station , but also back in the Mobile DJ business once again in New York State , making a name for himself . BullsEye Radio is also host to other NEW and UPCOMING on air talents trying to make a name for themselves as well and John Michaels offers them and other new DJ's the opportunity to do a show the way that they want to with the exception of just a few small station policy rules .

When you book John for your function . . .You're not just booking some fly by night DJ who doesnt have a clue. You're booking a veteran in the business. A DJ that has been through over 800 functions , Has been in FM radio multiple times and now Owner of technologys newest form of entertainment . . .Online Radio ! A 25+ year experienced DJ who will make your function a time you wont soon forget ! Your booking professionalism at it's best ! We are the pioneers of an industry that is to come ! Internet Radio . Only a professional can provide you with this ingenuity !

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