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It's one year ago I started preparing for the biggest adventure of my life...traveling to Alaska by myself to work at Mount McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge, in Trapper Creek, AK.  Located in Denali State Park three hours north of Anchorage, I was nervous and excited at the same time.  Who starts off on this kind of thing when you're almost 60 years old?  Leaving my beloved and supportive husband and cat behind?  I almost backed out at the airport the morning of my flight, but didn't want to disappoint my future employer.  So, off I went and had a wonderful summer full of adventure, making new friends and seeing this wonderful state!  Now I'm doing it again.

I am saddened by the fact that my husband, Warren, has not been offered a job this season, but not for lack of trying.  Suppose it just isn't in God's plan for us!  I just pray that he will be safe and the summer will go quickly.  I know I will enjoy my time, but was really hoping to share this wonderful place with him.  He will be driving up with me to help get set up, but will only be there a few days.  As is usually said, a few days is better than not at all!

So enough about the disappointments.  Now on to the positive...

We have decided to leave around April 26th, hoping to arrive by May 2nd if everything goes smoothy.  That will give us a few days to explore before he has to return home.  We are taking our trailer, so Harley, the cat, will be able to stay with me.  That way when Warren is driving OTR she won't be left at home alone.  She was pretty stressed last summer when he was gone for long periods of time, so we decided this was the best thing for her.  Plus, he won't have that worry on top of his job.

Well, my situation has changed dramatically.  I won't be taking the trailer or the cat, I'll be flying.  We just could not afford to buy a newer truck to haul the trailer up there.  And after reading Beverly Porters information, sounds like it may have been a much more time consuming, money eating trip.  So we have decided I will fly and he will join me toward the end of the season and we will see the area and fly home together.  It's not exactly what we had planned, but they say if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.  So we will accept our situation and look forward to the end of the season.

I will fly out May 7th just about noon, arrive in Alaska at 10.  Tommy is going to get me a room at Westmark and they will pick me up the next day and take me to McKinley.  So I have started the packing and repacking to make sure it all is needed and I'm under the weight limit. 


To be continued.... 


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