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Alaskaahhhhh. . . . . see you in 11 days!



As the time nears for me to head to Alaska in 11 days, I can't help but feel a mixture of emotions. I am excited to arrive in Alaska, honored be a zipline guide for the summer, ecstatic to explore a new place, anxious about living in a town that has a year round population of 800 people, curious to see the employee housing, nervous about how I will fit in with the veteran zipline guides, interested in meeting the guests and learn where they are from, giddy to see the 9 mile zipline course, stoked to be able to dog sled, horseback ride, hike, sight see, camp on days off, make lifelong friends andt most importantly, I am blessed that I even have the opportunity to have this opportunity to have a summer adventure in Alaska!

Is anyone else feeling a wdie range of emotions as the time gets closer for you to arrive at your seasonal jobs? If so, I hope you will share your thoughts nd feelins with me and other Cool Works users. I look forward to hearing back from you and reading about your preparations. Have a great weekend and an even better summer everyone!



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Comment by Margie Stinson on April 25, 2012 at 11:30am

This is my first seasonal position so I understand all the misgivings and worries.  However, always remember you can choose to be happy and explore your new surroundings, learning and understanding how things work, or you can choose to be miserable because it's not what you expected, you don't like your roommate/s, or whatever.  I hope to take the good with me and disregard the arguments, petty bickering, and whatever else negative comes up.  It's part of life, and flexibility is a really good quality to take with you.

Comment by Keith Larson on April 25, 2012 at 7:51am
I always have that mix of feelings. It's probably good for us overall. Currently, I'm like: I've had 12 seasons that overall have been very positive...will the 13th be the one that stinks? But then I think part of it is I'm usually more careful with choosing the companies to work for in the application process. This season I have received so little info from the company after hire compared to entire work agreement is a 3-line email including the "we're excited about this upcoming season" line. But then I realize they have a very high return rate and can't find a slightly poor rating on any of the guest-rated sites like tripadvisor or yelp...very good signs.
Comment by Connie Mintz on April 23, 2012 at 4:23pm

I have to say that I have mixed emotions about my summer job in Alaska. Simply because I have never lived away from my marrage before.  When I found this job on line I researched it before applying. My husband and I talked this over at length.  We have been married for 32 years and he has always worked at home.   Once I applied it was within two weeks and I was hired.  I never even imagined they would call me back.  What an awesome surprise when they set up an interview.  I would say that I was destined to get this job.   I see this as an opportunity to get to know me again.  I am also very excited to work for Princess, I have heard really good things.


 I work at home and getting out of these 4 walls will be a welcome change for me.  My kids are grown and have moved on with their lives.  My husband is a real homebody, and I am NOT. 


 I am sure I will grow more anxious as the day I leave gets closer.  I am a planner, so I have packed a couple of times just to make sure I don’t forget anything I want to take and that I am not over weight for the flight.  I have lived in Alaska so it is no stranger to me.  I am very excited about making new friends from all over the place and creating a new outlook for myself in this stage of life.  You can always learn from others experiences.  If you ever stop learning you stop living.

Comment by Lisa Woirhaye on April 23, 2012 at 11:08am


Seasonal work is what you make it. For some they are miserable the entire time, and can't wait to get out of there.  for others it is seen as an opportunity to explore the area around them, and even find a little of oneself.  Last season I saw quite a few lost souls looking to rediscover themselves.  I will say Alaska is a good place to be alone with yourself, and do a bit of self discovery.  Employee housing is just that...employee housing.  Usually you will be given a roommate you don't even know, with backgrounds much different than yourself.  You will need to learn flexibility, and understanding.  Last season I just had to learn to agree to disagree on occasion.  Realizing we aren't all neat freaks, and some people really do snore that loud helps; Asking for forgiveness is often much easier than asking for permission.  If your a neat freak, just decide now you will be the one cleaning the bathroom ect.  Alaska is a great state, and has a lot to offer.  Last season I decided early on it was up to only me to make this a life lasting wonderful experience.  Yes, I went on lots of excursions, and I recreated often; a lot of the time alone, which was fine by me.  I don't have time to wait around for everyone to decide if they are going to go somewhere on their day off.  So my final word is this....Leo its all up to you!  :)  Enjoy!

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